Breathing With Friends, Week 3

How exciting, Lord, to have some snow blowing! Yet at the same time I was praying it wouldn’t stick! I so wanted to make it to this Breathe Ladies Bible Study for Week 3, Double-Portion Friday.bbs3.1Thank You for helping me make it safely. I pray for all of the ladies unable to attend. I didn’t get any pictures. I was doing good just to get here, and I am always so thankful when I get a moment to just sit here with You as I look back over the week in my book. I have this tendency of writing my homework notes until suddenly I am engrossed and/or convicted to where I cannot answer on paper. The convictions are too personal.

As I am sitting in the car, it’s beautiful, windy, and warm in the sun. However, as soon as I open the door to get out.. Brrrrr! It’s fiercely windy and extremely cold! It was good to get inside, make a quick trip to the ladies room, grab my badge (maybe a photo next week, sorry), and sign in. I take Keitha some goodies to share (because I did my 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge) as some of her door prizes! 😉 The Lord blesses me in return with a Keitha hug! ❤

I go sit at the table with Jackie, Kristy, and Keitha. They are so funny. Then I meet a new sister in Christ, as Lisa sits down beside me. She has forgotten her book, but I tell her I will share. Then Sarah arrives! She sits across the table from me. We will be missing our dear Stephanie tonight.

We all go get snacks. Keitha goes over our answers from the week… and I FORGOT TO SHARE WITH LISA UNTIL THE LAST PAGE OR TWO! She was so merciful about it! Honestly, I was afraid for anyone to see my answers, and then my blank pages to assume I did not do the rest of my homework. And I REALLY DID NOT want to mention them out loud. But my fear of being vulnerable is causing me to accidentally forget that I promised to share my book!

It’s time to go and watch Priscilla’s video:
Week 3, Double-Portion Friday

There is a question presented to make us think on something that we have become so overwhelmed with that we can no longer enjoy, something that God has given us because it is good, yet for whatever reasons we are no longer able to find happiness it in. We may even dread it, simply because we have complicated it or neglected the blessing it was meant to be…. just like the Sabbath has become for the majority of us because we have long strayed from the simple gift of rest… to stop… to pause… to cease… and breathe!

We are given three points to take with us through the week.
1.Resist the urge to CONTINUE in the path or pattern we have created.
2. Remember what you USED TO BE when God came for us and freed us.
3. Refuse to OVERDO any more!
It’s okay to say NO! Enough is Enough!

Afterwards, we discuss the video and the points, and repeat together…


We then gather in a circle to do prayer requests, as well as get updates on some from before, and praises! Before we finish, Keitha has asked us as we starting praying to listen to a song as we do. We are to think on the words with our eyes closed.

What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship

What a great way to finish up the night. The song helps me to bear standing, as I am in excruciating pain in my back. I am reminded of how much God has allowed in my healing. I may still struggle and seem to go back to square one sometimes, but I am at least able to stand for a little bit before paying for it. I am grateful that I am able to stand with the ladies and pray. Just months back, I would have had to sit while the rest prayed. I struggle to walk to the car afterwards, and it is absolutely freezing, making it worse on my spine, but I am so encouraged! Thank You, God, for helping me to be here, to take part, and to stand with the rest of the ladies as we ALL experienced together listening to this song with our eyes closed while joined hand in hand!

Praise Your Holy and Beautiful name!