Deserts and Storm Surges

Last night the Lord and I had a long tender night talking through some things. He then encouraged me to share those whispers with you by blogging. Those of you read Heaviness Is A Precious Need last night know that Heaviness was a biblical word for depression in the passage referred to from 1 Peter 1:6-7, “Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: that the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:”
I wanted to share the 2 sermons He gave me today. He is still reaching out to me in love, as He is so faithful to do. If He has been speaking to you too, let me continue to share His messages of love with you! He loves you so much!

My 9-10-17 Sunday 9 am notes from Pastor Jim Dykes (Brookstone Church)
Every Step – Stepping Into God’s Abundant Promises, Week 10
Disclaimer: Don’t hold my notes against Pastor Jim. I note what I hear.
Deserts are for Discipline. Discipline is loving instruction/correction.
Manna (angel’s food) is God’s mercy in the desert.
God led you, and God fed you.
He never stopped leading you, and He never stopped feeding you.
He never stopped providing for you.
You wore the same clothes and they lasted.
Your feet didn’t even swell.
Manna is the meal for immature or disobedient children.
While you should be grateful for the manna in the desert,
you should never want to live off of it.
It is food of mercy for disobedient/immature.
He gave you water.
He is bringing you into a land of plenty, and nourishment.
He is leading you into a land where you shall eat bread without scarcement.
You shall not lack for anything in it.
Meat is God’s reward in the land of blessing.
Meat is synonymous with blessing/a reward.
You’ve got to love others, and bring them with you.
He’s going to allow you to have a new diet.
Everything God gives you in the desert, you are to consume. (Exodus 16)
It is all for you. Use it. He’s not using it. He’s providing it for you.
Trust Him by surrendering, “Take me into the new land to be used.”
“Thank you for manna in the morning. Give me grace to trust you.”
“I don’t want to feed off manna forever.”
Before I could watch 10:30 am service to get appropriate verse references,
I had signal problems, so I started watching Trinity Baptist Church at 11 am.

My 9-10-17 Sunday 11 am notes from Trinity Baptist Church
Pastor Ralph Sexton, Jr.
Storm Surges
Disclaimer: Same goes for noting what I hear.
The storm surge in our lives is real. It overwhelms us.
The beach is our world. The surge is out of sight (over the horizon).
The storm is coming. There will be damage.
There will be storms we cannot see today.
Personal storms- Family, your health, taking care of parents, finances.
Normal tides are the every day ups and downs.
What happens when the storm surge comes in?
Surge of circumstance – rebellious child, unhappy spouse
What to remember in the storm surge:
1. You’re not alone. We need to take care of each other.
2. God loves you! Even when you’re mad and hurting.
3. God will help you. (Isaiah 49:13)
4. The Lord will give you strength. (Psalm 27:13-14)
Storm surge of a first responder, those who have to be first on the scene,
to clean up the wreckage/damage, take care of everything/everyone.
(related verses below)
John 14:26-27, Deuteronomy 31:8, Joshua 1:9,
Psalm 23:4, Psalm 27:1, 27:14, Psalm 9:9-10, 1 Peter 5:7

Deserts and Storm Surges… Wandering in the Wilderness. God is still speaking, and I am still listening. I ask for your prayers, and offer you mine. What a privilege to take someone’s name before God’s throne, and to speak it into His ears. It’s already written on His heart… and nailed into His hands. What is He saying to you? He loves you!

Please Pray for Texas Family and Friends In Catastrophic Flooding

Friends around the world please pray for family friends who are experiencing catastrophic flooding In Texas. The Hurricane and the rains with it are far from through. Houston area has already received over 30 inches, and with the storm stalled out and expected to last for several days there is the possibility of the area receiving 50 inches total. Please pray!Catastrophic Flooding in Texas See pictures and weather updates here.

Self Care Challenge Day 15: Bucket List

A bucket list… Lord, I’ve heard this a lot. I thought it was a list of things someone was to do before they died, and they were knocking them out one by one because they had limited time. Well I guess we’re all living on borrowed time… directed by you.
In taking the time to pray and think, This is my bucket list. If anyone says a bucket list and a wish list are 2 different things then take it up with God on which wishes He will be granting. 😉

Loving the Lord with my heart, soul, mind, and body are always at the top. Doing His will. Making Him happy. Making a good testimony for Him. Loving others. Using my Spiritual gifts He gives. Trusting Him with everything.
As for what He doesn’t mind us hoping for: I desire to fly. I never have for fear of flying. So flying related things…. airplane, helicopter, passport, skydiving, hang gliding, hot air balloon, even zip lining. Now I know what you’re thinking (if you know me)… what about your health… your nerves? Well I’ve seen people taking rides with professionals who knew how to prepare patients, equip them, and take them along as they do the jump. Granted they were famous or had money, but it’s possible. So… baby steps…
1. Get my driver’s license upgraded to serve as a passport ($13).
2. See if local airport still gives plane tours to see what inside looks like.
3. Ask if local plane or helicopter rides are available, if not where and how much.
I would like to 1. Fly 2.Get away 3. See the beach. 4. Go to another country 5. Ride a ferry

SO while I wait for those golden opportunities, my bucket list for now is to keep doing the baby steps:
Physical Therapy. Drinking plenty of Water. Get plenty of rest. Walk when able.
Keep listening to my doctors. Don’t forget breakfast.
Remember to thank God I can walk… period.



Self Care Challenge Day 14: Treat Day Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day
Today, Lord, was Treat Day, and it was! Thanks for the delightful surprise with time at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center! More on that in a second, but 1st the Challenge.

Looking over the Challenge thus far… I still struggle with getting sleep, water, and eating, but eventually do. I love to write. Blogging is writing… fun… and encourages others… all while sharing your whispers. Fear tries to invade, but you make all things better with your presence. Reading helps remind us you are always there.

My favorite take away so far, Lord, is absolutely seeing you in this, especially through my Lovely friend. 😉 It helps to balance life with things that make me happy… reading, sweet tea, sweet friendships, and visits to one of my favorite spots on the Parkway. Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day.jpg

I love watching that little movie. Sometimes it just kills time, and often making new friends from all over the country, and even the world! Today I met a couple from Wisconsin (US)… Herb and Donna who were patient while I figured out how to use my tablet. I offered Herb to retake the pic, but they just both laughed. They were so sweet. Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day

It was such a beautiful and bright day! If you notice the rays in the cloud and sky, that was the way you arranged the view for each of us. I loved it! Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day

Lastly, a special treat indeed, I picked my son up from work. He was trying to teach me about my tablet. We took a selfie! And he smiled! I love that smile and those eyes! Always have! Thank you for allowing them to look up  to me and say, “I love you, Mom.” It gives me a slight glance into how you feel to see me smile. 🙂 Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day.jpg

30 Posts Challenge: #20, River Baptism

“Well, Irene, we finally did it! We finally got to one of those river baptisms we always wanted to watch.” This was what came to mind Sunday when my stepdad and I went to a river baptism, something Irene and I had been trying to do for years. She’s been gone 10 months, but would’ve loved it. She would’ve gotten in the water with them. Or she would’ve loved to watch our local church baptize 32 people in that river.
It would’ve started with parking and walking.20638775_10213424618585452_1292797568326556150_n

If you look in the 2nd row, 7 cars down, on the other side of the red truck, that was me and Bobby! When we saw this picture being taken, we were (from your view) on the far right just under the trees, sharing a picnic table with a lovingly family of 6 from Africa. After we had parked, we had a good walk, a rough walk. For those of you who do not know, I have disease and damage all over my spine, and struggle with feet and leg problems as well. Last fall, I was barely walking, unable to lay down or sit back, or move my neck, After a lot of physical therapy, nerve blocks, and medicines, I am at least able to walk better and stand, but for limited times and limited situations. My stepdad had a stroke in April of 2015, and while he is recovered, he too is limited with walking, standing, and struggles with breathing. But the Lord provided a chance to see 32 people “buried in His likeness, and risen in His newness of life.” WE did not want to miss it.

We walked around to look at the river, saw people along the banks, some which eventually went into a huddle with the Pastor, stood for about 45 minutes, and then  we heard them offering hotdogs. Bobby and I got in line, speaking to several faces we knew and meeting new ones. We got our dogs and a water, then spotted a good friend who offered us to share his table with him, his wife and 4 kids. It was so awesome to hear them speaking their African language to each other as a family, even the littlest ones. The mom had one of the black shirts on that said All In, which meant she was going in.20621817_1295453137244171_2944553135455192380_n
When it was time, the crowds were so long and everywhere along the river. Bobby and I were struggling just to walk, and hang on to see the ones we came to watch. The picture just above is a friend of my deceased brother. He was baptized, then allowed to stand with his daughter as she was baptized, and was offered to help lean her back. My brother would have loved this.
Below you will see 2 pictures with 2 children: the 1st when they were small. They use say hey to Bobby at church when we met them. The 2nd picture is them now. Bobby wanted to see the brother baptized. The older sister told us her best friend was also being baptized, and that the Pastor was letting her help baptize her brother and best friend. 10399057_101394146542125_4718606_n20604278_10154885993810003_4892499631300064305_n

We did not get to SEE any of the baptisms literally in the water (we praise God for those who took pictures), but we did hear the cheers each time someone was baptized, and all of heaven was cheering with us! We got to congratulate people as they came up the river bank. It was a struggle to walk back to the car, but the whole day was worth it! We are not the least bit discouraged for next time. We are better aware… be prepared with portable chairs and a camera! Praise God for the day He gave us… and all those baptized.
Oh and thank you to everyone who gave permission to use the pictures! God loves you!

Self Care Challenge Day 8: Water

Praise the Lord! As I awaken today from a much needed sleep after skipping a day of it (unintentionally) and not feeling well at all, I get up feeling a little better, do my devotional (alone time with God and His word), eat a little breakfast, and then check to see what is the challenge for day 8 of the self care challenge. Water! Exactly what I need! Not only for my body but to also meet one of my 2 goals for my dietician coach.  The other being make sure I get breakfast. We realistically shot for 5 days out of the week on breakfast. But the water… a much needed goal.

My doctors have been after me to drink more water for years because I struggle with issues all over my body that always ends up being, “You’re not getting enough water.” Any time I have a procedure or something where I can’t drink after midnight, I end up with a small grade fever within that short 6 hours. But as soon as they give me fluids, it comes back down. The last year or so, I have developed a lot of issues about being dry… my eyes, my skin, my throat, my esophagus, and even with getting simple blood draws. So I have been trying these tricks that seem to help me:
1. Make sure to use water to take any meds with. I take meds all day long so this has made the hugest improvement for me.
2. Try to make sure it’s good and cold, whether straight from the fridge or iced. It helps.
3. The more consistent I drink water from the first 2 the more I prefer it, cold or warm. At least it doesn’t go stale or flat so easy, and is easier to carry every where.
4. When having to eat out, I choose a large iced water. It’s cheaper anyway.
5. Challenges to do with friends… like my coach and the Lovely A 😉
My biggest challenge is to drink at all. No matter what I drink I seem to drink 3 or 4 ounces every few hours. I will keep trying to improve with this challenge.