Liebster Award 1.6.18

A new year, a new day, and a new nomination! God, you are so delightfully surprising! 🙂 Thank you for whispering my name into the ear of Unbreakable Yet Fragile. She is always an encouraging spirit, always reminding me I am daughter of the King! 🙂 You have gifted her with such a strong voice, and a strong will. Thank you for bringing her into my life. May I somehow be a blessing to her as she is to me so often. Bless her Lord.screenshot_2018-01-04-08-33-56-11960779205*RULES*
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link their blog in your post. Share a few thoughts about their blog and help to promote them. Support other bloggers!!
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3. Who’s your favorite blogger? Write a short paragraph about your favorite blog and leave a link for others to check them out.
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My Favorite Blogger
That’s hard because the Lord has blessed me with many wonderful bloggers who are dear friends I try to keep up with reading. The upside to a rich community is fellowship and support. The downside is so many to keep up with and possibly letting someone down, especially when I must pick one. In THIS moment, the Lord blesses me often with Hayley of RedLetters and her music. The Lord is constantly whispering things to us in private, and confirms openly His message to us, marvelously surprising us both. Her song I Choose Life is a perfect example, as at the same time God has given me Choose Life to live by. Both of us were being inspired by Deuteronomy 30:19.

10 Random Facts About Me
1. I’m a Tar Heel fan.
2. I love puzzles.
3. I don’t keep up with my Twitter.
4. I wish I could fly (literally me with wings soaring in the air).
5. I have never flown before.
6. I’ve never been out of the country.
7. I do not live in the city.
8. I love fun facts.
9. I love witty puns.
10. I love my son’s cartoons that he draws on Inner Man Theatre. My favorite is All Cheerful and Rosie. I don’t see how he draws all of that on a computer, but he does! My boss lady (in a computer lab) use to spend time teaching him computer graphics when he was 4 years old.

What is the propose of your blog?
To follow the Lord wherever He leads. Glory to His name.

How in touch are you with your surroundings?

What state you reside in?
North Carolina in the United States

What is your favorite season?

What movie is your all time favorite?
Jesus of Nazareth

Which color is your favorite?

How often do you read books?
here and there, as God leads

Do you have children?
yes… a grown son

Are you left-handed or right-handed?
ambidextrous, dominate with right

What are your life goals?
To live, serve, please, follow, trust and the Love of my life… Jesus Christ! ❤

My Nominees:
Team Jesus
Georgia’s Recovery
Pennies for Dreams
Tomorrow Girl
Becoming His Tapestry
Sup Halle
December Rose

Praise the Lord and Congratulations to the Nominees! May God bless you each one. Please don’t feel rushed or obligated to participate. The nomination is meant to be a blessing, not a burden. I just wanted you to know you and your blog are appreciated, and to let others know about your blog! God loves you!

Thank you again, Unbreakable Yet Fragile for nominating me!! And congratulations on your Liebster Award! May the Lord bless you!!

Habitual Judging

Day before yesterday I awakened to a much needed bit of wisdom and loving instruction. My spirit had been feeling so flat, quite a bit numb. I was feeling so insecure about of lot things, people, and especially myself. Doubts and exhausting concern were weighing so heavily. I opened my devotional to spend some quiet time with my Lord, and to let His Spirit lead mine. Just like He does, He starting speaking to me in a very personal manner.

“COME TO ME AND REST. Give your mind a break from its habitual judging. You form judgments about this situation, that situation, this person, that person, yourself, even the weather – as if judging were your main function in life. But I created you first and foremost to know Me and to live in rich communication with Me. When you become preoccupied with passing judgment, you usurp My role.
Relate to Me as creature to Creator, sheep to Shepherd, subject to King, clay to Potter. Allow Me to have My way in your life. Rather than evaluating My ways with you, accept them thankfully. The intimacy I offer you is not an invitation to act as if you were My equal. Worship Me as King of kings while walking hand in hand with Me down the path of life.”
Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence, by Sarah Young, September 13, 2017 Friday, pg.268

All this worry weighing me down He called habitual judging, and rightly so. For everything I felt insecure with was me judging thoughts, motives, and quite frankly myself. It’s just another way of saying anxiety. I can judge something to seem wrong or offensive. I worry I have done something to cause it, and try to figure out what, and how to fix it. But there are things that just happen with nothing being wrong. And yes there are also things that don’t go right, but doesn’t mean I’ve done anything.

And who I am hurting or offending in doing this… my Savior, my Shepherd, my best friend, the Love of my life, Jesus! I am not giving Him my complete trust as He rightly deserves. He is sovereign and only has my best interest at heart. He loves my friends and family, and the strangers I meet along the way. Whatever order of the day or moment that He is allowing is not for me to question. I am to thank Him for all that I can, trusting Him with what I do not understand. He prefers I seek to KNOW HIM.

This immediately made me think of the song that Hayley and Jon (aka Red Letters) have been gifted to create called Know You.

The song has such a beautiful message with such a gentle tune. The video is stunning as well. I love listening to this song. It comforts my soul, and causes my spirit to just meditate on Him for hours.

My God is telling me to think on Him, as Creator, and what that means for me as His creature… His creation. After all, it is an invitation to intimately know Him more and more. I’ve been blessed to know what this is like, so I want to continue to let Him know how much I love and trust Him with everything in my life. With His help and in His strength I will break the habit of judging everything and everyone (including myself) in attempts to control my life and my world. It is not my world. This is my Father’s world.

THIS IS MY FATHER’S WORLD  – hymn lyrics by Maltbie D. Babcocl
This is my Father’s world. O let me ne’er forget
That though the wrong seems oft so strong, God is the ruler yet.
This is my Father’s world: the battle is not done:
Jesus Who died shall be satisfied,
And earth and Heav’n be one.
There’s much more beauty in this hymn if you wish to enjoy the blessing here..