“NEW” Series, #3 Graduating

Lord, You have made me a new graduate! 🙂 Praise Your Holy name! You helped me to complete the Diabetes Prevention Class that my regular doctor referred me for last year.



It was a new program through our local hospital. Our group was literally the first class. We were given very nice scales, a pedometer, food journals, and a large binder with paperwork for the classes we had once a month.



Most importantly and most valuable, we were given a personal dietitian coach that saw us on scheduled appointments, scheduled phone calls,  and made us welcome to call them any time. “Lacey” was my coach. She showed compassion in sharing her advice, mercy in rearranging phone calls, and patience in listening to me ramble on. God definitely made her the most valuable encouragement from this program.

“Thank you, “Lacey!” I am grateful to God for you! Praying for you! God loves you!”


You helped me to attend each class! This can be challenging with four of us sharing a vehicle, and my unreliable health. You allowed me to learn more on food labels, food journals, better eating habits, better food choices, realistic goals, my liquid intake, and even not being so hard on myself. During this program, You helped our whole family develop better eating habits and better choices. And I still have my binder to refer to for the information that we learned along the way.



Along the way, I learned my skipping breakfast and sometimes lunch too was not helping my body at all. It was challenging getting used to eating so early, especially since I don’t really like most breakfast foods. The majority of it is greasy. Cereal was how I began my day. I learned to pay better attention to a menu when we had to eat out. I learned you can order an individual egg by itself… and did. My most eye opening information for myself was learning that I do not drink enough liquid. Oh yeah, I was drinking more water than anything else, but whatever I drank I nursed it.

Lastly is that piece of paper…..


This piece of paper is validation that I do care about my health… that I am dedicated to working hard on preventing my body from developing diabetes. My doctors can know that I am not just laying around. While I would love to show it to each of my doctors, it is enough for me to know for myself that I actually finished something… by following You, and trusting you with what seemed pointless.


Deserts and Storm Surges

Last night the Lord and I had a long tender night talking through some things. He then encouraged me to share those whispers with you by blogging. Those of you read Heaviness Is A Precious Need last night know that Heaviness was a biblical word for depression in the passage referred to from 1 Peter 1:6-7, “Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations: that the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:”
I wanted to share the 2 sermons He gave me today. He is still reaching out to me in love, as He is so faithful to do. If He has been speaking to you too, let me continue to share His messages of love with you! He loves you so much!

My 9-10-17 Sunday 9 am notes from Pastor Jim Dykes (Brookstone Church)
Every Step – Stepping Into God’s Abundant Promises, Week 10
Disclaimer: Don’t hold my notes against Pastor Jim. I note what I hear.
Deserts are for Discipline. Discipline is loving instruction/correction.
Manna (angel’s food) is God’s mercy in the desert.
God led you, and God fed you.
He never stopped leading you, and He never stopped feeding you.
He never stopped providing for you.
You wore the same clothes and they lasted.
Your feet didn’t even swell.
Manna is the meal for immature or disobedient children.
While you should be grateful for the manna in the desert,
you should never want to live off of it.
It is food of mercy for disobedient/immature.
He gave you water.
He is bringing you into a land of plenty, and nourishment.
He is leading you into a land where you shall eat bread without scarcement.
You shall not lack for anything in it.
Meat is God’s reward in the land of blessing.
Meat is synonymous with blessing/a reward.
You’ve got to love others, and bring them with you.
He’s going to allow you to have a new diet.
Everything God gives you in the desert, you are to consume. (Exodus 16)
It is all for you. Use it. He’s not using it. He’s providing it for you.
Trust Him by surrendering, “Take me into the new land to be used.”
“Thank you for manna in the morning. Give me grace to trust you.”
“I don’t want to feed off manna forever.”
Before I could watch 10:30 am service to get appropriate verse references,
I had signal problems, so I started watching Trinity Baptist Church at 11 am.

My 9-10-17 Sunday 11 am notes from Trinity Baptist Church
Pastor Ralph Sexton, Jr.
Storm Surges
Disclaimer: Same goes for noting what I hear.
The storm surge in our lives is real. It overwhelms us.
The beach is our world. The surge is out of sight (over the horizon).
The storm is coming. There will be damage.
There will be storms we cannot see today.
Personal storms- Family, your health, taking care of parents, finances.
Normal tides are the every day ups and downs.
What happens when the storm surge comes in?
Surge of circumstance – rebellious child, unhappy spouse
What to remember in the storm surge:
1. You’re not alone. We need to take care of each other.
2. God loves you! Even when you’re mad and hurting.
3. God will help you. (Isaiah 49:13)
4. The Lord will give you strength. (Psalm 27:13-14)
Storm surge of a first responder, those who have to be first on the scene,
to clean up the wreckage/damage, take care of everything/everyone.
(related verses below)
John 14:26-27, Deuteronomy 31:8, Joshua 1:9,
Psalm 23:4, Psalm 27:1, 27:14, Psalm 9:9-10, 1 Peter 5:7

Deserts and Storm Surges… Wandering in the Wilderness. God is still speaking, and I am still listening. I ask for your prayers, and offer you mine. What a privilege to take someone’s name before God’s throne, and to speak it into His ears. It’s already written on His heart… and nailed into His hands. What is He saying to you? He loves you!

Satisfied Hunger

The Lord delightfully surprised me in a way that might be trivial to share with you, but meant so much to me. For God to be so personal about it! I love how He keeps doing that, even with trivial things! He loves saying, “I’m thinking of you. Even the little things.”

I was taking my son to work by 4 am. After letting him off, I found myself hungry. I mean hungry people. Remember, I hate to chew, get bored with eating, and when I do eat I pick away at my food. But my medicines sometimes eat away at my insides. I was becoming sick, and getting sicker. But there was a new problem.

From midnight to 5 am, it’s hard to eat without being stuck with McDonald’s. They’re not the worst, but it’s only breakfast and SO greasy! Biscuits or griddles mean having to eat bread. I have a bread thing. Cook Out closed at 4 am. Denny’s closed down a few months back. IHOP and Huddle House are open all night on the weekend, but this was midweek. Only place left… Waffle House (aka Awful House). Ugh… the idea of grease… or breakfast!

My stomach kept getting sicker, so I decided Waffle House so I could eat something besides a burger. I did remembered a ham and cheese omelet years before. I was dreading the grease. I was hoping something was on the menu… spaghetti or something.

It was busy, loud, and cold! I had a light jacket on with short sleeves, and am normally hot. I was freezing, but hungry! The menu was all burgers, patty melts, and breakfast. I avoid ham because of my blood pressure. I was trying to avoid meat altogether. I literally pondered for about 30 minutes. They were so busy, only the cook noticed.

Kayla came to ask me what I wanted to drink. Yes, I did soda instead of water or hot chocolate. After talking about the foods, I went with the classic cheeseburger. It was a dollar burger size. No French fries at Waffle House! I was proud of them! But the only side was hash browns. I was so hungry I just yes! No to the sauce.

Wow! My burger was small and seemed grease free (I knew better). There were large pieces of juicy, crisp lettuce. Two pieces of thick fresh tomatoes… also juicy! The bread was small and light! Didn’t bother me a bit! The hash browns were good. I started with my burger but after one bite of those hash browns, I was eating away.

I realized I was eating and was tempted to think too much. I did not care! I was hungry! My burger and hash browns satisfied my hunger! I thought, “Everybody wants me to eat. I’m eating! And good!” I even ate pie! Oh. My. Word! I’ve not eaten pie in forever! Freddie the cook made it warm and delicious! The pecans were soft! I ate away from the crust, but I ate! I even drank half of my drink!

You think I feel guilty for those who believe I’m overweight because they think all I do is eat, and think I’ve been big all my life? Or because of the struggle TO eat because of hating to chew or thinking it’s boring to eat? No ma’am! No sir! God made my morning! He thought of me personally. My hunger was satisfied. My body felt great! Hydrated! Nourished! Thank you, God, for our time! We made 2 new friends… Kayla and Freddie.