In The Woods

Help a little girl so scared, running for her life.
The man is trying to catch her, to cut her with his knife.
In the woods there is a ditch which leads her to a fall.
Turning back to find the man, he stands there strong and tall.
With force he takes this little girl and tries to take her best.
Now the little girl’s strength is put to the ultimate test.
She beats, she hits, she takes a swing, trying her best to fight.
But since his strength overwhelms, her weakness is the night.
This man rises up from her and draws the knife to kill.
You cannot wake this little girl lying there so still.

7-17-89 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
I use to write about “this little girl” in many different ways without even thinking about it until a counselor I had years ago pointed it out, asking me if I would change the endings to a happy ending. I told him, “No. Because then it wouldn’t be beautiful any more.” He told me it was unhealthy to romanticize death. So I made a deal with him to write some new ones giving her a happy ending. He then starting giving me challenges to write about other things.
Now years later, I experience such fear just reading one line. They feel so evil. I was encouraged not too long ago to continue to share them, partly as a testimony as to what God did even in my writing, and to think about why they scare me so, and why I wrote them. So as I add my poetry onto the computer once again, you will see them. I still experience great discomfort in going over them… like I will pay for it. Whatever the Lord asks of me, I want to obey. Lord willing, He will help me to understand their significance. Lord willing, He will remove that fear.

The Unborn Child

Within a darkened shelter
lies a helpless soul.
To survive the growing battle,
we must take control.
So small and fragile,
this future little heart.
We must prepare
for a fair and loving start.
What do we do
for this child unborn
when at the seams
we all are torn?
Within her womb
lies the seed,
but it is her body.
Would it help to plead?
It is her decision.
We will we ever know?
And will this soul
get the chance to grow?

7-7-1989 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
I wrote this poem when I was a teenager with a best friend who had gotten pregnant to “snag” or “trap” the father (who happen to be a family member) into a relationship. When she conquered too easily and grew bored she was suddenly not pregnant any more. She had asked advice on “snagging” him  (which she ignored), and asked my advice on “taking care of her problem” (which she ignored). This upset me greatly because an innocent life was caught in the middle, and the father was hurt by it. She found satisfaction in that. For this EX-best friend, it was just another day. Sadly I have known this to happen several times when I was young.

As a matter of fact my situation was backwards in what I was seeing in the movies, at the health department, social services, and most places. At that time, pro-abortion was the subject of debate. Now while I was an also unwed teenage mom at the time, and I am pro-life this is NOT an attempt to argue, accuse, judge, or debate. It’s not even to stand up for myself. This was simply God breaking my heart for the unborn child that was supposed to be my family. All the female family and friends around me at that time had already had abortions of their own. I was constantly bullied into “keeping my opinion to myself.” My opinion was simply a loving encouragement… plea… to not use a baby as a weapon. Unfortunately, my voice did not matter.

One So Small

Baby brown eyes, your sweet loving smile.
You’re a blessing to us all.
Your forehead of a man so intelligent and sincere.
Such a big heart in one so small.
Hold that grin upon your face. Never let it go.
For your goal is to show the world
that love is something special, something scared,
belonging to every boy and girl.

7-7-1989 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
P.S. I once had a pair of beautiful brown eyes!
I enjoyed them with his pair of little arms around my neck!
God is so merciful and generous! ❤
For my son Anthoni Lance Brookshire (aka Inner Man Theatre)


O Child of God

O, child of God
He waits for you
to give you love
and eternal life too.
He aches to know
you suffer or hurt.
He longs to give you peace
within His holy word.
Please try Him out.
Give Him your soul.
He gave His life
to make you whole.

9-22-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)


Voices are a little joy that runs to you each day
Saying, Mommy, I love you” in the sweetest way.
Voices are a friend afar saying I wish I could be there.
And even on the telephone, you know they really care.
Voices are a mother calling, giving you her best,
To take a little medicine and give yourself a rest.
Voices are a father shouting for his child who made him proud,
So much he can’t control himself. He has to tell the crowd.
Voices are a lover’s whisper. to say how much he adores
The only one he’ll ever love and never want for more.
Voices are a special love, of a soothing characteristic.
Voices are of many souls. As for yours, I really miss it.

Written by Gail Brookshire
(published in Expressions Feb.14, 1994 Issue, page 2)
(by the grace of God)
My son’s loving little voice started this poem,
and my thinking on other loving voices.