Random Act of Kindness Award 11.17.18

“For his merciful kindness is great toward us:
and the truth of the Lord endureth for ever. Praise ye the Lord.”
– Psalm 117:2 KJV –

“Let, I pray thee, thy merciful kindness be for my comfort,
according to thy word unto thy servant.”
– Psalm 119:76 KJV  –

Thank You, Lord for Your many mercies and acts of kindness toward me. Thank You for whispering my name to Michelle of MWS R Writings to nominate me for the Random Act of Kindness Award, an award she created in July of 2018 and continues to share with others, continuously doing random acts of kindness for many. Bless her, Lord.

“Use hospitality one to another without grudging.”
– 1 Peter 4:9 KJV –

Thank you, Michelle, for YOUR random act of kindness that totally took me by surprise! May the Lord continue to bless you and your blog!
God loves you! ❤


1– copy or paste image for reward on your post.
2– Write a paragraph on a random act of kindness, either you saw, was given to you, or you have done. It is okay to spread the love people. You don’t have to name specific names or whatever but tell us about it.
3– Share this award and link to original post or tag the person who nominated you.
4– If you should want to do this then you can leave an open ended invitation, or personally tag others.
5– Pictures are a good share to, if you have pictures to share a random act of kindness, that is great!

My Random Paragraph:
Years ago (in the 90s) when my son Anthoni (aka Inner Man Theatre) was a young boy, I had to go to a Convention with a community organization I was a part of and he could not go. Everyone had to be over 21, and the majority of those attending were going to drink. I was going to represent my chapter in meetings, but still it was no place to bring my little boy. He begged to go, but had to stay with my mom and dad. They tried to talk me into taking him, but finally understood when I explained the alcohol and night activities purely for “socializing.” All rooms were open for hospitality, even if I weren’t taking part my roommates were. The trip was Friday afternoon to Monday morning.me ans Anthoni.6yrsoldSaturday morning, my mom and dad surprised Anthoni by bringing him down. They weren’t sure if we would get to see him, but took the chance by driving the 4 hour trip with plans to find things to treat him with. By the grace of God, I was delightfully surprised to see him and able to follow them to the local airplane graveyard near the airport. We were able to make some awesome memories! It was just a few hours, but it was an awesome few hours! While I wish I could pull that sock up on his right leg, I LOVE that picture! See that smile! 🙂 My mom and dad’s random act of kindness allowed that to happen. God is so good!

It is so hard to choose just a few bloggers or even a little more than that when so many have done random acts of kindnesses. These I name, God has had on my heart.

  1. Carol Anne of Therapy Bits has being leaving me random comments of encouragement all over my blog for the last month or so. Even among old posts and in sharing my son’s. I never know where God is going to surprise me next. 🙂
  2. Caz of Invisibly Me leaves me encouraging messages as well all over both blogs (gaillovesgod and gaillovesgodspoetry) even though I may be so behind on visiting hers! Such mercy! A friend indeed.
  3. Tosin of Alethea’s Mind surprised me with a nomination for The Thanksgiving Tag and then the Versatile Blogger Award while dropping by with encouraging comments. I have done the tag but am working on the award.
  4. Vicklea of Vickie’s Book Nook and Meditation Corner nominated me for the 3-2-1 Quote Challenge while dropping by with encouragement and also been patient in waiting for me to get it done.
  5.  Stu of Something to Stu Over nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award that I have yet to do, but more importantly started a prayer group not just for me, but anyone who wants to be a part, even if just to be a prayer warrior.
  6. Michelle of MWS R Writings nominating me for this Random Acts of Kindness Award was truly God keeping my spirits up in a way that seemed random to me, but was His perfect timing… as He always is!

Again so many have been a part of random acts of kindnesses.
Please tag yourself below,
and let me know if you do so that I can read it!

God loves you!

All Cheerful & Rosie: Virginia 74

My son (Inner Man Theatre) has such a gift with his Christian Art Ministry.
I’ve mentioned several times one of my favorites is All Cheerful & Rosie.
They give me a good laugh, and put a smile on my face! 🙂
Hope it blesses you too!
Trixie and Virigina, you’re a hoot! 🙂 God loves you both!

Inner Man Theatre

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Gifts 2017 #2 My Son Anthoni, Church, Rest

Christmas Countdown: Anthoni has been my gift from the Lord from the moment God answered my prayers with his arrival. Those little arms, precious hugs, & loving smiles grew into a caring young man, who has had a special thing with the Lord all on his own from the womb. I can’t explain everything, but I sure can appreciate & praise the Lord for allowing me to be a part of it! Thank you, God, for entrusting me with your gift. ❤ Love u both ❤ God 1st… & praise you that Anthoni completely understands THAT truthful statement & LOVES it like that! ❤

The house of the Lord (aka church) is a gift! If we would put as much focus on making God welcome in His house as we do for us in our own, how amazing would the house of the Lord be glorified.

Rest is a GIFT: Praise the Lord for a day of rest, and for a God who promises rest unto his people. A season of rest is such a beautiful gift from God, ESPECIALLY when one is so run down. Revive us again, O Lord, in your perfect rest. Even you rested after creating the world 🙂 We love you! ❤

Thankful 2017.6 My Son Anthoni

Lord, There are not enough words in the universe to tell you how thankful I am for the gift you entrusted me with in my son, Anthoni (aka Inner Man Theatre)! You blessed me those pair of little arms, those beautiful brown eyes, that black curly hair, that precious smile, and loving little heart! I was always so grateful to be a mom from day one… and I still am!


He’s all grown up, but he’s still my little man! Thank you for entrusting him to me. And thank you that he is Yours. He always has been, but I praise your Holy name that he gave his heart and life to you long ago! I know that I can trust him to you. I pray for him and his ministry… Inner Man Theatre.

20770397_1810828552265334_372152002819516878_n (2)

30 Posts Challenge: Follow Up

30 Posts Truth Challenge BadgeHi Guys! Just wanted to share with all of you who came along my journey of posting 30 true aspects about myself that you may not know… the AWARD from our dearest Fatima aka Splendor In Embers! Praise the Lord for using her to challenge me… in many ways!! Wanting to encourage someone I love and care about blessed and encouraged me!

By opening up myself to sharing truths with others, we spoke on these things below:
1. Introducing myself
2. Me and God
3. Me and Writing
4. Me and Anthoni
5. Me and Foster Care, part 1
6. Me and Foster Care, part 2
7. Me and My Fireworks
8. Me and Anxiety, part 1
9. Me and Anxiety, part 2
10. Me and Anxiety, part 3
11. Me and Depression
12. Dying to Self
13. Friday the 13th (A Blessed Day)
14. Designed to Follow
15. How a Devo Becomes A Poem
16. The Devo Poem
17. “Crucify him! Crucify Him!”
18. I Mourn, I Grieve (Edited)
19. What Makes Me Happy
20. River Baptism
21. I Love to Sing Hymns
22. God Speaks, I Listen!
23. Bearing One Another’s Burdens (as a Prayer Warrior)
24. A Friend Loveth at All Times
25. I’m a Very Private Person
26. My Fear of God
27. Ripping Your Heart out
28. My 2017 Solar Eclipse Experience
29. One Last Aspect
30. Challenging You

Along this journey, the Lord used His whispers, His nudges, and His many resources for encouraging me! Lovely A and her Self Care Challenge was a part of those resources! There are others I can’t mention, but you know who you are. Thank You for letting God use you to help me “fly” within God’s gift of life. And what would I do without InnerManTheatre… my patient son for his feedback and tech support (and Anita!).

I praise Him for each of you who took to read  (while patiently waiting for me to learn my way), for reaffirming His whispers (with your likes and follows) to be meant for more than just myself. Your comments allowed God to fill my cup with blessings. And the Awards! So unexpected! All crowns to lay at His feet! God bless you, Lovely A!

My Dearest Fatima, How grateful I am to God for you! For your challenge! For your heart. Please know I am praying for you and your precious family as often as God allows. You’ve always been dear to our family! You ARE family! Thank you for my AWARD!

If you are interested about this Challenge, you might be delightfully surprised to know that you do not have to wait for someone to nominate you, as I have read some of you have for quite some time. You only have to accept and post. See for yourself her 3 rules posted here. Praying for each of you! God loves you! ❤

Self Care Challenge Day 14: Treat Day Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day
Today, Lord, was Treat Day, and it was! Thanks for the delightful surprise with time at the Blue Ridge Parkway Visitor Center! More on that in a second, but 1st the Challenge.

Looking over the Challenge thus far… I still struggle with getting sleep, water, and eating, but eventually do. I love to write. Blogging is writing… fun… and encourages others… all while sharing your whispers. Fear tries to invade, but you make all things better with your presence. Reading helps remind us you are always there.

My favorite take away so far, Lord, is absolutely seeing you in this, especially through my Lovely friend. 😉 It helps to balance life with things that make me happy… reading, sweet tea, sweet friendships, and visits to one of my favorite spots on the Parkway. Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day.jpg

I love watching that little movie. Sometimes it just kills time, and often making new friends from all over the country, and even the world! Today I met a couple from Wisconsin (US)… Herb and Donna who were patient while I figured out how to use my tablet. I offered Herb to retake the pic, but they just both laughed. They were so sweet. Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day

It was such a beautiful and bright day! If you notice the rays in the cloud and sky, that was the way you arranged the view for each of us. I loved it! Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day

Lastly, a special treat indeed, I picked my son up from work. He was trying to teach me about my tablet. We took a selfie! And he smiled! I love that smile and those eyes! Always have! Thank you for allowing them to look up  to me and say, “I love you, Mom.” It gives me a slight glance into how you feel to see me smile. 🙂 Self Care Challenge, Day 14 Treat Day.jpg

30 Posts Challenge: #4 Me and Anthoni

Hey, All. Time to get another post done, and I have the joy of telling you about me and Anthoni… my son. Some of you know him by Lance, some by Tony, AB, and other given nicknames. One of mine and Anthoni’s favorite nicknames for him is when friends call him Antoni, like Mark Antony. Several of his teachers did the same thing. My grandmother called him Tone Tone. My mom called him her Rev, her little preacher. My favorite is… my gift from God. He absolutely was answer to prayer.
When I was 13 and in high school, I had a counselor warn me against the disadvantages of having a baby. It was a school for troubled kids that originated as a school for pregnant girls. I remember asking her who would want a baby. She started telling me how young girls want someone to love them unconditionally, to have someone to belong to, and someone belong to them. As she was telling me this I thought, “You know, That’s a pretty good idea, and if you don’t teach them anything about hate they will only know love. They will only learn what you teach them.” Now I started liking the idea.
I was sexually active and my friends were already having babies, and giving me grief for not being sexually active, nor having a baby. Even though they knew I was promiscuous, I was not as active as they seemed to think was required. I would dream of having a little girl. Finally when I had just turned 18, I would get sick… dizzy like. I went to a local women’s clinic for a pregnancy test, but it said no. I went a 2nd time… nope. When my family and friends kept giving me grief, I took a friend with me to the ER so that she could hear them say no. When he told me my test was positive, I first thought… positive… the test is good and clear… oh wait… this is a pregnancy test. My friend was laughing so hard the doctor told her it wasn’t funny. Defending my friend, I told him it was.
On a Friday the 13th in May, they were awaking me from having a Caesarian Section. They were telling me, “Miss Brookshire, you have a son.” I remember groggily saying, “A what?” I guess I was so sure I would have a girl. Everyone was letting me know he was beautiful, but some while adding…and he’s white! While some were guessing what his race was in this surprising tone. As I heard this, I though, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” I asked the nurse to bring him in so that I could see him. When she came back with this beautiful baby I said, “Oh what a beautiful baby! Where’s my baby. I want to see him.” When the nurse said he was my baby, I insisted, “He is so beautiful. He has to be someone else’s baby.” The nurse asked why I thought I couldn’t have a beautiful baby. I just remember trying to get her to take him back to his mom because she had to miss him, at the same time pleading to see my baby.
Once it was quiet, God whispered his name into my ear. Anthoni was his daddy’s middle name. Lance was my granddad’s last name, who had been my hero. It was also the family name so it would make my mom and grandmother happy. And Brookshire was my dad’s family name. Anthoni would be able to carry it on. I could call him Tony so that he would have his own name. He went by Lance until time to graduate from his elementary school. Then he decided he would go by Anthoni. The guys  at school called him Tony, as did my grandmother and the guys in our family.
When Anthoni came along, the Lord used him to change our family… on both sides… and friends… and so many people along the way. God was using him in two very important ways… to break race barriers… and to draw us near to God. On my dad’s side, the prejudice was so heavy that many were in the KKK. They majority of them lived in Hickory, Statesville, Taylorsville. They would threaten our friends, and even made it very clear to me at times how they felt. My mom’s side worked with black friends, hired black friends, but as I was told, “You don’t bring them home to dinner with you.” Anthoni found his way into the heart of all those who had been so bigoted. They were even going out of their way to visit, to shower with gifts, and taking pictures. He caused a lot of people to see they were only prejudice because of what they were taught, but being faced with someone they loved they began to change. I had nothing to do with it. God was doing this. They have all been so supportive of his wanting to be a preacher or being in ministry.
God has used Anthoni to change me!! I used to think that it was too late for me about God. But God would use my love for Anthoni to teach me about His love for me, and allowed this unique blessing for us to have in common. We were both single parents of an only son. I am not God, and I cannot speak for God. I know God is a Holy and Righteous God, but it was God who gave my son life, and it was God who allowed him to be my son. He entrusted me! And through all the ministry and love He brought Anthoni, I was blessed to receive it with him.
He used Anthoni’s preschool and elementary years to bring our whole family back to church, back to God, even our friends, coworkers, and different folks along the way. For years we had a family tradition of meeting at the church on Christmas Eve for our family Communion, and friends would meet us, kneel at that altar, take the communion, and pray. While the years and family have changed so much with so many being home with Jesus, God continues to use Anthoni to work in our lives, and He continues to bless me with this special relationship just between me and Him.
So I finish with the words I have always tried to teach Anthoni…
“Keep God first… above everyone… and everything… including me… including you… NO MATTER WHAT!