Master Views


The skies… those beautiful skies
They display the glory of God.
They tell of a beautiful Creator
Who created this earthly sod.
The colors, the brightness,
The changing canvas above
All relay the tender story
Of a Might and Powerful Love.
Whether dark and gloomy,
With blackest of clouds,
Whether sunny and clear,
Or the foggy days shroud,
There is a Designer, a Painter,
Who thinks of me and you.
He is constantly creating
Masterpieces to view.
He’s worthy of praise
And greatest admiration,
For He has made us a part of
His lively creation.
Praise Your Holy name, Our Faithful Creator!

8.25.2021 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Psalms 20 & 21

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4 thoughts on “Master Views

  1. Beautiful Gail!! How are you? I have missed seeing your lovely face pop up on my blog but was so happy to see today. Ahh……life happens! I pray you are all ok and doing well? I think of you every time I get on my laptop to write. Have missed you much!

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    1. PTL! Thank you, Maxine! Yes. Life happens.
      I was grateful to God for a moment to be on, and am always grateful when He allows me to respond to comments. I miss and think of you too! Me and God love you!


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