Made to Love My Church Family

Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord; giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.”
– Ephesians 5:19-21

Lord, how grateful I am to You for creating a church family! And for allowing me to be a part of one! And a part of the church family worldwide… also known as the family of God! Family in Christ! A part of YOUR family! ❤ I am so grateful to call You, Father! I am so humbled for Jesus to be my Brother! ❤

I am just as grateful that You allowed my son to grow up always knowing church family! To allow Him to grow up knowing hymns instead of rock music. Even though He heard it at home, He grew to love God’s music. Thank You for allowing Him to learn You, Your Word, and allowing me to glean from His learning. Thank You for His heart to teach His mom.

Thank You for allowing all of the fellowship, the unconditional love and support, the unexpected relationships, and a world of people who are also so in love with You too! Who never grow tired of loving You! Who delight just to think on You, Your Word, Your People, and Your hymns. Souls who do not waver from Your word because they know the value of discipline… an honest and tough love! For our good!

Thank You for all of the Vacation Bible Schools, the many memories, the children’s plays, the children I have been blessed to fellowship with in the nursery, to teach in school and the many forms of church classes, the bus rides, and the abundance of memories with children singing Your songs with such sweet sound and sweet smiles!

Thank You for the many times You have sent someone to minister to me and Anthoni, and the rest of my family. Thank You for those who have been there during loss, births, marriages, divorces, moves, tragedies, celebrations, showers, storms, and so much of life. Thank You for those You have allowed to think of me when I have had health issues. Thank You for the church body!

Thank You for the ladies bible studies, the ladies Sunday School, ladies events, ladies banquets, ladies retreats, and the countless ladies outings and friendships… sisters for life!

Thank You for men of God! Godly men! Men who genuinely love You, serve, You, Worship You, OBEY YOU, testify of You, sing of You, preach of You, and that have shared the wisdom, knowledge, and teaching with my son! Living out being a man of God for my son to learn by example.

Thank You for the missionaries and evangelists! Serving You wherever You send them. Trusting in You to provide! Thank You for the years You gave me to send cards, notes and encouragement to hundreds! I WAS THE ONE BEING BLESSED! Thank You for what they taught me about depression… the biblical truth! Thank You for their preparing me in knowing what my son would suffer and go through. Thank You for what that teaching did for ME in my own struggle with clinical depression… as a child of God.

There are not enough thank Yous when in comes to being a part of church family! But I give You the ones You have allowed to come to mind! I love You, Father God! I love Your church! And I absolutely pray church family!

I look forward to being a part of the biggest church family ever when I get to heaven! What a day that will be! ❤

Inspiration: WGWM Study Notes, Week 2 Day 5

16 thoughts on “Made to Love My Church Family

      1. PTL! Thank you, David, for your kind words! Anything you see is all Him! His love is so wonderful and life changing! 🙂
        Yes He IS a good Father to us, and Jesus a brother like no other! ❤
        I liked rock too. I grew up with the Top 40 format playing everywhere you went a thousand times it seemed, so whether you liked it or not it stuck in the brain. My son would often point out to me mindlessly singing along to very inappropriate songs in restaurants and stores. I was grateful God allowed HIm to grow up with hymns in the same way!
        Thank you for your kind visit and your thoughtful words! God loves you, David!


  1. Thank yous and being grateful to the LORD doesn’t seem to be enough does it? There are no words you can come up with to thank GOD for all HIS favor upon you. But that is the type of GOD we have…….one who gives us immeasurable gifts!! So count them and we will all realize how much we are blessed!! When I count my Body of Christ and Christian sisters…..I count you twice Gail!!!!!!

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    1. PTL! It just doesn’t seem like enough! Yes Praise God for His favor, for His immeasurable gifts!
      Thank you for counting me, Maxine!
      Me and God love you!
      You absolutely count to me and God!!
      Counted among the number! ❤

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  2. This is such a contagious post! As I read through your long list of people and things for which you feel gratitude, I found myself reflecting on the many, many things I have to be thankful for, even when difficult circumstances are involved. I love how your writing lifts others up while also pointing us all to a closer relationship with God.

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