Seeing Your Goodness Even Now

**I reposted this because when I originally posted it for some strange reason WordPress published it as thought it was a few posts back and days earlier than it actually was.**

God, You are amazing. You have allowed me to see Your goodness in all things, including this virus and pandemic. It’s a harsh reality, but a pruning is painful, a purging, pressing under foot the grapes to get the new wine, the chiseling to create and protect the artwork, Your masterpiece. We will miss the time we had with others, and even want to linger in times we “perceived” as good, but just could no longer see the separation it was causing between You and us. Our eyes were on our false delights. Our first love was left in our own shadows. Our flawed wisdom made us right in our own eyes. Our every thought was wickedness continually. Yet we were convinced we were following You.
It is hard to follow what is not in front of you, to hear what you do not give ear to, to see what is not before you, and hard to trust someone that you do not take at His word.
Thank You, Jesus, for loving us enough to pursue us. ❤
For loving me enough to pursue me.

6 thoughts on “Seeing Your Goodness Even Now

  1. Beautiful heartfelt praise❤️
    Ive have WordPress post some of my things at unscheduled times and even had two post deleted because they somehow went to the trash folder and automatically erased after 30 days…Thankfully my mom had them saved on her email!! These posts of ours are precious to us❤️

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    1. PTL! Thank you, Alicia! So sorry that happened to you. I almost lost this one. The only way I could find it is because I sent it to my FB page. I had to use that link to follow it back it, then found it days back. I had used my smartphone.. not so smart. 🙂
      Glad your mom had the email! Yay, Mom!
      These posts are very precious… whispers from the Lord… sometimes our cries to Him… and so much more. ❤
      Me and God love you, Alicia!

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  2. Wow Gail, I am deeply touched by your words. Indeed, we serve a God who pursues us completely and totally. He is a jealous God and nothing can stand before Him in our hearts or our lives. At times, just as you say, the reminder is painful and difficult to endure. Yet, the end result is a work of art – a thing of beauty. Our hearts returned to their first love. It’s easy to forget sometimes that NOTHING and no one could ever truly satisfy us except the Lord. Everything else will surely pass away. Even that which is good.
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I enjoyed reading your heart dearest Gail. ❤ You are so very beautiful, inside & out!

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    1. Praise His Holy and Beautiful name! I am so grateful He pursues! That He is jealous for us. Yes you are right that everything will surely pass away, even that which is good. A sad but needed reminder. I pray He helps me to always thank Him though the pain, and to enjoy the new. He makes all things beautiful in His time. Including the sweet fellowship He gives in your friendship, Holly! Thank you for such generous and kind words to testify for our Jesus! Me and God love you! ❤

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