Day 16 of 47 for Lent Plan

God, I have been enjoying the bible reading plan You have been walking me through. I’m sorry to be so late getting them on, but with Your help we’ll get them on little by little.
No rush. Just convalescing with You, and following Your lead in sharing with others.
YouVersion (a bible app You have blessed me with)
is doing a plan called Lent: Remembering the Life of Jesus.

Day 16 of 47 for Lent Plan – “Miracle: Jesus Calms the Storm”
Reading: Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:35-41, Luke 8:22-25 KJV

Further Study

  • What was Jesus doing when the storm came on the lake?
    – sleeping
  • Why do you think Jesus questioned their faith after He calmed their storm?
    – Because they saw all the miracles that Jesus did, and He was right there with them.
  • What did the men on the boat think about Jesus in their amazement?
    – What manner of man is this? Even the seas and the wind obey Him.


  • Worship: Write down one attribute of God and worship Him for who He is.
    – Master (of the waves – like in the hymn Love Lifted Me)
  • Prayer: Pray for your immediate family members.
  • Remembrance: Think of a time you questioned God. What was the situation? How did it turn out?
    Questions, I have asked an abundance. But questioning You personally, God, the only thing You bring to mind is when I was at the altar back in 1994. I was praying quietly to You at the altar in church that knew my son because he came to their school, but they really didn’t know me, and I barely knew them at all. 
    I was telling You that I was Yours, but that if You didn’t want me I could understand, that I was still Yours anyway. But it didn’t seem fair for someone to be burning in hell that Jesus died for. That it didn’t seem right for Satan to win. At that very moment, I heard a voice say to me, “Honey, He’ll never leave You.” I looked up and the ladies of the church had knelt around me with their hands on me. I was so deep in prayer that I had not even noticed their presence or their hands. You absolutely answered that question! You settled the matter!
  • Self-Examination: Do you tend to question God more than You trust Him? Write your thoughts down.
    – I pray that the questions I ask now are from learning in Your word to come to You about everything, from not wanting to do anything without You, and to ask Your will in everything.

A Kind Act

  • Look into volunteering at your church or a non-profit.


2 thoughts on “Day 16 of 47 for Lent Plan

  1. The ladies at the church sound very comforting in that time with their hands on you and reassuring you he’ll never leave you, that he’s with you always. On another note, of course he would want you! You are a truly beautiful soul, Gail.  ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those ladies were such a comfort in a way they will never even know because only know what I was praying quietly at the altar, not moving my lips, no tears, and we were strangers. God is beautiful, tender, and gentle to meet us whee we are and whisper through souls that comfort with His hands. ❤
      He uses yours too… even all the way across that pond! ❤ Me and God love you, Caz!
      Praying you are doing well. I've been praying for you!

      Liked by 1 person

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