Day 25 of 47 for Lent Plan

God, I have been enjoying the bible reading plan You have been walking me through. I’m sorry to be so late getting them on, but with Your help we’ll get them on little by little.
No rush. Just convalescing with You, and following Your lead in sharing with others.
YouVersion (a bible app You have blessed me with)
is doing a plan called 40 Days of Lent.

Day 25 of 47 for Lent Plan – “Healing: All Who Touch Jesus”
Reading: Matthew 14:34-36, Mark 6:53-56 KJV

Further Study

  • In both passages, it says the people recognized Jesus. What happened after that?
    – They brought all the sick and diseased to Him just to touch the hem of His robe.
  • What did the people want to do to be healed? What was the outcome?
    They wanted to touch the hem of His robe? They were made whole.


  • Worship: Write down one attribute of God and worship Him for who He is.
    – Accessible. Thank You, God, for always being there! For wanting us to come to You! ❤ 
  • Prayer: Pray for your closest friends.
  • Remembrance: Think about a time you were so desperate for Jesus. Write about how He met you right where you were.
    – You remind me of a time during a bad storm. It was when a Hurricane 4 had traveled so far north on land (from the gulf that is) and was still a tropical storm when it came over us. Anthoni and I were living alone then, and Justin was spending the night .
    Nathan, Tim, Phillip, and Irene were in Nathan’s trailer and the rain was gushing down the mountain into his home. They kept calling to check on us even when the water was to their ankles in the trailer. Then they went outside in that gushing water and dug around the trailer to make the water go around.
    Meanwhile Anthoni, Justin and I were bunked down. I started calling on Your name. “Jeeeeeeesuuuuus! Jeeeeeeesuuuuus!” And instantly the incredibly powerful storm STOPPED! I KNEW You had heard my cry, and saw my hand stretched out toward heaven. You answered my prayer just like when You calmed the storm for the disciples. You even had Nathan call back to tell me the digging gave the water a new route, and not only did it STOP raining so suddenly but the water was already out of their trailer. I was so scared they were going to wash away… all 4 of them.
    THANK YOU, JESUS! I can’t put to words how incredibly powerful that was to witness, and how touching it was to know You did it for me too! (Not just for the disciples) For calling on Your name! You allowed Anthoni and Justin to have peace and sleep!
  • Self-Examination: Do you tend to depend on Jesus or close friends/family members in your time of need? Share your response.
    – I try to always come to You first! You are the only One who can help me, even if You do that by using family. But even then, it is all You!

A Kind Act

  • Leave a kind note for someone to see.


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