Day 36 of 47 for Lent Plan

God, I have been enjoying the bible reading plan You have been walking me through. I’m sorry to be so late getting them on, but with Your help we’ll get them on little by little.
No rush. Just convalescing with You, and following Your lead in sharing with others.
YouVersion (a bible app You have blessed me with)
is doing a plan called 40 Days of Lent.

Day 36 of 47 for Lent Plan – Teaching: Solid Foundation
Reading: Matthew 7:24-27 KJV

Further Study

  • Where do wise people build their houses?
    Upon a rock
  • What do you think the rock represents?
    Christ is our Rock.
  • Where do the foolish build their houses?
    Upon sand.


  • Worship: Write down one attribute of God and worships Him for who He is.
    Foundation. Thank You, Jesus, for being my firm and sure Foundation. The Rock on which I stand. You make me think on “The Solid Rock” and “Rock of Ages.” i love those hymns.
  • Prayer: Pray for the salvation of people in your life who don’t know Jesus.
  • Remembrance: Think about a time you didn’t follow what Jesus taught. How have you learned from that experience.
    I was so miserable. Living in confusion, filth, violence, and a largely warped sense of normalcy in our family, in our community, in our world. I DO NOT miss it at all. Thank You for seeing me thought all of that. The most important thing I learned was that I had no clue of just how lost I was. It is a sure reminder of the sure foundation You give to my life. By walking in faith with You, I am free of my false reality. It teaches me to always ask for Your wisdom, Your guidance, and Your help because I cannot trust that I am doing or thinking the right way, or that I am even aware of my ignorance. And I cannot trust the wisdom or knowledge of my soul that does not have their own foundation in You.
  • Self-Examination: Do you find it easy to listen to and follow the teachings of Jesus? Share your thoughts.
    – I wouldn’t say everything is a cake walk, but I pray that I always choose to follow Your teachings, Jesus, regardless of the hardship or unpleasantness that can come to us sometimes. There are many times it the most beautiful and comforting thing to do, even while in the hardship. In the end, I am ALWAYS blessed to follow You, Jesus. And I will follow You anywhere You lead. You make me think on the hymn
    ” I will follow, I will follow, Jesus.
    Anywhere, anywhere, I will follow Him.”
    and “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus.”

A Kind Act

Write an encouraging letter and mail it to someone.
Lord, I leave this one to You because people are afraid of their mail.

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