Put It Out There For God


Push the pen. Push the ink.
Push the words to their brink.
Write the message. Write the story.
Write to give God all His glory.
Create the image. Create the vision.
Create in everything written.
Share the wonder. Share the history.
Share the wonder of God’s mystery.
Bring to life. Bring to attention.
Bring forth all that God mentioned.
Joy in His beauty. Joy in His love.
Joy in your home waiting for you above.
Close with mercy. Close with grace.
Close with God leading the way.

1.28.2020 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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8 thoughts on “Put It Out There For God

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  2. Oh Gail, this is beautiful! Pain into purpose. It’s our God’s specialty! Not an easy road to travel by any stretch of the imagination. Yet with Holy Spirit gently leading us and comforting us along the way, anything is possible!

    I praise God for you & His heart of compassion in you! 🙏🏼

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