My Peculiar Purpose


Set aside and set apart,
I am Your peculiar child.
I have a purpose in being different,
A path in being exiled.
Tears of pain and sorrow
Are preparations for Your will.
Waiting in Your timing
Teaches me to be still.
I know You are God,
And You are my Father.
I know the promises
I have as Your daughter.
My hand in Your hand,
I follow along.
When I am weak,
I’ll trust the One who is strong.

1.28.2020 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God is my Hero! ❤

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9 thoughts on “My Peculiar Purpose

  1. Needed to read this today, sister Gail. Thank you! 🤗

    I especially love these lines:

    “Tears of pain and sorrow
    Are preparations for Your will.

    Amen, yes they are. I’ll be the first to admit that I wish they weren’t, but nevertheless, gold is purified in the fire. We are His handiwork.

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    1. Praise His Omniscient name! He knows just what we need, and when we need it! So glad He met you and your need! ❤
      We are indeed His handiwork, His masterpiece! Our flaws, our hurts, our personal sorrows make our design like no one else! 🙂
      God loves you, Holly! ❤

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