The Gift of Forgetting


The gift of forgetting.
Only You could provide such mercy.
Such grace.
Such love.
Only You could understand
The kindness of that gift.
Only You could understand the contents
And the package
Holding on
Until that sweet release of
Thank You for the many gifts
You save me from,
Release me from,
Protect me from,
Including myself,
Especially myself.
Thank You for renewing my mind…
Thank You for hiding You
In my heart.
No matter what comes or goes,
I have given myself to You forever!
I’m Yours!

12-20-19 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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12 thoughts on “The Gift of Forgetting

  1. To be grateful in life
    there are a lot of things
    but there’s no doubt
    the one most amazing
    sacrifice for being saved
    deserves all the praising
    I will say everyday
    thanks for all blessings
    thanks for my life
    thanks for everything.

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  2. THANK YOU DEAR JESUS……for coming into my heart, for saving me, for forgiving me, a sinner who needed saving. Hope you are well Gail…….poem was excellent!! Wish I could do, just not my thing……but it is your GIFT!!!! Keep doing it!

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    1. PTL! Maxine, You have a heart for God that is strong, and a blessing to witness. You can do anything through Christ. Writing is just sharing what God lays on your heart, whether in poetry or a blog! God uses you to bless many… including myself.!
      Me and God treasure you! ❤


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