Lord, I need Your help in getting a note typed up for my dear friends who are so kind to check in on me, even sending loving comments.  I keep trying to get a chance to write about things as they happen, but I am STILL struggling with feeling so easily wiped.

Convalesce… that was the word You gave me when I got to sick back in November.  I was sick the whole month. I was wiped… and still am. Thank You for healing me from the sinus infection. I know You will help me to continue to heal.

Webster says Convalesce is to heal and grow strong. I clearly hear You telling to come away and convalesce with You by resting in trusting You… and growing strong in Your word.. in Your strength… in You!

This most recent doctor visit with my podiatrist was not encouraging. There was the good news of no break (Praise Your Holy Name!), but she says that the stress is trying to cause enough pressure on my bones to cause a fracture, and the neuroma I’ve had since 1992 is being effected, but she says that it’s my back causing the problems. Because of that she says she cannot treat my foot because it may injure my back worse.

It is so challenging, Lord! I am supposed to be elevating my legs as much as possible to relieve the lymphedema and lipedema by getting the fluid off, yet I cannot elevate my legs as I should because my back will not tolerate my laying back like that for more than 15 or 20 minutes without severe pain, or causing me  not to be able to lift my legs. I have to drag them to get up. MY physical therapists have long wanted to help me with different exercises and treatments that I am unable to do because of this. The weight from the fluid on my legs make it heavier and harder on my back. And from sitting so much, I struggle to keep good circulation and other problems. I feel defeated.

I am blessed that You give me so many loving friends. I am touched more than they know by each word. I long to get opportunities to respond back, to thank, and to read how things are going with them, and encourage for them as I pray. Even as I type this, I am struggling to stay awake. So please let them know only the way YOU can, how much they mean to me! And that I am praying for them!.

**Thank you to each one of you who have been so kind to leave encouraging messages, smiles, and the posts you may not know I do read. Sometimes I get a LIKE on it before I lose it or fall asleep. Sometimes I don’t. Regardless, I am praying for each one of you! Each One!! Me and God love you!!! ❤ **

PS… God allowed me to write a small poem Convalesce In His Rest.
This is the message He has given me for now, and the coming year. This is the word.. the command… the whisper He has made so clear. I need to come away with Him and rest… physically, spiritually, mentally, psychology, and every way possible! I AM WIPED!
But By His grace, in His strength, and according to His will and perfect timing I will grow stronger.

Thank you for every one who has prayed, and continues to!
They make the difference!

Thank You, Jesus, for Your faithful presence, healing touch, spring of hope,
and Your wonderful matchless grace!

16 thoughts on “Convalesce

  1. Such a catch-22 with needing to rest and elevate your legs, but being unable to lie down, or needing to have your feet treated, but not being able to in case it makes your back worse. I don’t know what to say. Your resilience is incredible, as is your ability to be so incredibly kind and compassionate towards others while keeping your own pain so quiet. I am so sorry for everything you’re going through. If I could take your pain on myself and make it my own, I would. Has any next step been suggested, such as anything they can do for your back? I really do hope you’re able to find some way to get comfortable to be able to rest. Propped up in a way that allows you to sleep, maybe lift your feet a little without causing too much pain. Sending lots of love and gentle hugs  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. God was kind to allow me to see my lymphedema/lipedema specialist today. She has recommended getting back into land PT since pool PT didn’t work out. Lord willing, it will strengthen my back, regain some mobility, and allow me to be back with therapists who have been helping me on my spinal journey for the last few years. As for the back, the Epidural, the RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) that I had on the right side, and the RFA I still have yet to do on the left side were the next steps. I got pretty sick after the RFA (r) so I have put procedures on hold until after the New Year at least, or until I get my immune system built back up. I see that doctor tomorrow to discuss things and to see how I’m doing since the 1st RFA.. I am just praying, and trying to do what I’m supposed to. Praying for my doctors too.
      Thank you so much for your kind words, Caz. I know you have a lot of your pain to deal with, and you share your kindness with me. You have a bigger heart than you give yourself credit for. I thank God for blessing me with the friendship that pours from it! ❤
      Oh and I am blessed to have a recliner recently given to me from some dear church ladies. Oh what a God send it is. It's been my bed a lot lately. It helps a great deal with elevation.
      Me and God love you, Caz! Hope today was a better day for you! With no Pepsi baths 😉

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