Glorious Day


Oh glorious day bringing the morning,
Along with joy for those who’ve been mourning,
How welcome you are to troubled hearts
Who need the hope of a brand new start.
Your shining rays of morning light
Shoo away the long cold night,
And warm the soul that needs to know,
“God is with you and loves you so.”
The beautiful hues of your sunrise brings
A song to the little bird and he sings.
His tune lifts my spirit upon his wings.
I’m so delighted to hear it. Hope eternal springs.
Thank you for visiting and coming this way.
It’s a great time to praise and pray.

8-28-2019 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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14 thoughts on “Glorious Day

    1. PTL! Thank you, Wendi! Such a sweet idea. Kids are able to absorb so much to keep with them for life, and open to the possibility!
      Whatever the Lord allows. I’ve had several different poems published in different places, but a book (other than the ones I put together for friends who ask for them) would be ALL His doing. Not mine. I just want to glorify His name and tell the world how wonderful He is! And that He loves THEM with that same magnificent love! ❤
      Me and God cherish you, Wendi!

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