My Loved One’s Journey


Life that is waning, wasting away.
Nothing can be done to save the day.
A body betraying the soul within.
A spirit dying, just giving in.
Energy fading, abandoning the owner.
Depression conquering the weakened donor.
Words that fail and muscles that faint.
A ruthless trial for any saint.
Straining relationships, choking bonds,
stealing the will to carry on.
This is the journey my loved one is on,
and I must watch until they are gone.

7-23-15 written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: my mom

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11 thoughts on “My Loved One’s Journey

            1. By the way, I am still waiting to work on those other comments. I am waiting on WordPress to answer the phone… lol. It’s so sad not to have immediate help anymore. 😦 I miss the on the ball Happiness Engineers.

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                1. Well nowadays you should be able to see that little blue question mark in a circle at the bottom right hand side of your screen to click on. But you can always go the the upper left top of your screen, click on My Sites. Then go to very bottom and click on settings. While in the settings click on that question again. Follow every instruction you can to “contact” them. I’m still waiting to talk via email. They asked me before what your email address was.

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                  1. thank you so very much Gail for taking the time to explain this to me. i am not technologically advanced by any stretch of the imagination, but i am going to try. thank you again Gail, I sure do appreciate your help.


                    1. Yes, me too. Thanks to your help I was able to contact them but I still haven’t heard back from them and it’s been several days now. Thank you again for helping me.


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