My Google + Profile (Google + is closing)


The following is my Google Plus account tagline and profile introduction. They sent an email saying Google Plus is closing, so get any pics or anything I want off of it. I just copied and pasted this because this was a part of my journey in trying to get my testimony down for God, and trusting Him enough to have a public site regardless of family issues. This also shows how I tried to keep it “clean” and “appropriate” as advised by church family. While it is a nice summary, God would make it clear to me He wanted others who ARE LIVING in the ugly now or have come through it to know what He can do… and that He loves them. I still decide to follow His lead!

It’s not about me. It’s all about Jesus Christ! He died to save us from sin. Choose Christ, choose life!

By the grace of God, my name is Gail Brookshire. Jesus lovingly rescued me when I was 8 years old. Shortly after, He gave me the gift to write and I do my best to use it all to the glory of God! Through foster care, multiple schools, a very dysfunctional upbringing, my parents divorcing and remarrying, many deaths throughout my life of loved ones, having my son and so much more, God has always allowed me the privilege of being the first to read what He gives me to learn more about myself, how to cope, that He has allowed me to survive and grow, and MOST importantly learn more of Him every day to grow closer and closer! I praise God for His wonderful love! Jesus is all the world to me! He is my friend… MY BEST FRIEND EVER!

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