A Leg in the Journey


LORD, this journey never seems to end.
Nothing ever seems to stop.
There is no break,
no pause,
no catching one’s breath.
Yet there is so much glory
for so many blessings
that seem hidden
in the fog.
Thank You for being on this journey
with me.
No one ever compares to You.
You’re the only one
who never leaves.
You’re the only one
who can’t,
or won’t.
I’ll take the reminder
of You
for my strength.

7-29-15 written by Gail Brookshire

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12 thoughts on “A Leg in the Journey

  1. Oh Gail, I can so relate to this poem……..He never leaves, Amen! and He does bless us even within the fog, although sometimes it is hard to see……Thank you so very much for this, as always, God gives you perfect timing!

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      1. I am deeply appreciative of your kind and uplifting words……….reminding me that even as we walk in fog and fear and pain we are not alone. I am sending up a prayer for you now that God will bless you as you bless others.

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          1. Hey Gail…….just posted the Liebster Award post! Hope I answered all your questions thoughtfully and communicated correctly. Tried to follow your example. But thank you again friend and tell me what you think! You are a blessing I am sure to all who follow you and to me now as well!!!

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            1. God is so good! You have my cup running over, Maxine! I read your post and loved it! You did just fine letting God lead you! You can read and feel how you ADORE the ONE you love! ❤
              I am grateful for your outpouring of loving encouragement. God bless you!!


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