Happily Ever After

According to Pastor Morris, I have been married twice.
My 1st husband was the Law.
My 2nd husband is Jesus Christ.
Those of you who voice your concern
because I am blessed with singleness
will either be disturbed or comforted by this.
Let me help you all to be comforted.
I am still married to my 2nd husband
and will be till the day I die…
AND in eternity!
His love will NEVER DIE!! ❤
Jesus is the LOVE OF MY LIFE!! ❤
He is the LOVER OF MY SOUL!! ❤

33 thoughts on “Happily Ever After

                1. As my son said to me when I had to have my hysterectomy when he knew I had also wanted a girl, “You can give your mom the daughter she always wanted when you give her a daughter in law… and again when you have a granddaughter for her!.” 🙂


            1. Just talk to Him right where you are. I know you can not see Him, but He is there… right there with you wherever you are. I don’t know if you know Him or even believe in Him, but He loved you so much He sent His Son (Jesus) to save you, and through the death and resurrection of Jesus we have the Holy Ghost to lead us, to comfort us. God welcomes any one to come to Him, just to talk with Him. Even if you don’t instantly find the answer you’re looking for, God will let you know in His own way.

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