7 thoughts on “Thank You, God, for Being With Us

      1. walkingwiththeway

        Oh I’m so glad! I prayed that it would get to you safely, and I’m so happy it did, praise the Lord! Sorry for not seeing this message earlier, I have been so busy with school work! I pray all is well your side! 🙂 x

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        1. Arnya! You are so merciful! I do not think I ever sent that message! Praise the Lord I was able to use that bible as a Christmas gift to my son, who was so excited because he had been praying for a way to reward someone he had been discipling. A young person! It was such a blessing all the around. I had prayed pretty hard myself because it was from such a dear friend from so far away, yet I knew my eyes could not read it. I didn’t want something as precious as His word to go to waste. Thank you and your mom! May the Lord bless you as richy as you have blessed me, my son, Anthoni’s student, and the many lives it will bless through its unending power! ❤
          Praying for your schooling! Me and God love you both!

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          1. walkingwiththeway

            Yay I’m so happy that it has been in use! I’ve been doing Bible studies with my best friend for the past few months as she isn’t getting taught the Bible at home, but we’ve been learning so much together, and I pray the same for you, your son, and his friend! 🙂 Blessings ❤

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