He Restoreth My Soul

Life can run so far away
with the sanity I need.
My traumatized nerves
begin to plead.
Yet one more thing rushes in
and threatens my cry.
Will my prayer be heard?
Will you pass me by?
“Of course not!”,
You lovingly chide.
“You know that I
am by your side.”
Your strong voice,
Your tender heart,
take me by the hand.
“We are never apart.”
My day washes away
and I become whole.
I am with my God.
He restoreth my soul.

written by Gail Brookshire

16 thoughts on “He Restoreth My Soul

  1. I love this so much because it reminds me of one of my favourite Bible stories: Nicodemus’ encounter with Jesus, and how Jesus stopped, looked up and attended to him. I’ll never be too short, skinny, fat, beautiful, ugly or whatever for my Lord to notice me and hang out with me. Thanks, sis.

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          1. 🙂 My son gets a kick out of pulling that old kids joke that asks how many of each animal did Moses take on the ark…. of it should be Noah instead of Noah. He has gotten me so many times that now I hesitate before I answer that question and others think I don’t know…. lol. I figure if we are getting names mixed up, God is probably pleased to know we are reading.

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              1. Have mercy on them. It’s meant to intentionally distract someone with the trivia of the animal numbers… which it did with me! Now it causes my brain to mix Moses and Noah, even though I know where they belong. 😉 And have fun with them too. 🙂

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