Yours With Affection

Alone in this quietness with You,
there’s something valuable about this peace.
I feel like I have found favor with You
from the chaos of this world to cease.
Oh it still goes on
somewhere out there.
But You have instructed me
it’s Your burden to bear.
My responsibility is to listen to You.
You have something to say.
I have prepared You an altar
here where I pray.
As the stillness allows me
to know You are God,
I see You lay aside
Your staff and rod.
You let me know You do not need
tools of correction.
When my heart is Yours,
You hold me with affection.

written by Gail Brookshire

16 thoughts on “Yours With Affection

            1. Gave a Google to your area. I only know a couple of things from just a few people I have met from there, and trust they are right.
              Like NZ being the first spot in the world to see the dawning of each new day. That’s always been my favorite thing I’ve heard. True??


              1. Yes, we are the first counrty to see the new day. like living in the future or something. I use the Nike running app as I lvoe running and walking on the lovely tracks here. They have a Sunday 5km worldwide challenge. A couple of times I have been the first in the world to complete it. New Zealand is small and the weather changes very quickly here but I love it. The picture at the top of my website is one I took 1km from where I live.

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