The Light of His Darkness


God’s perfect timing is meant to encourage us…
As much as it is to show us how lovely God is…
To seek us in our darkness…
To sit with us in our darkness…
And to shine a Light through our darkness.
How peaceful it is when that Light is the darkness…
Manifested as His glory…
And Love for us.
I am not so afraid of the dark…
Nor distressed by sudden fear…
When He is the darkness…
Because I know it is only to become…
The Light in my heart that never leaves.
May you know that Light…
And embrace His darkness.
He loves just being there with you.
Darkness could never keep Him away.

5-7-2017 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: My Life is a Journey: Not a Destination Color Journal

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2 thoughts on “The Light of His Darkness

  1. Reading your beautiful poem, brings John 1 verse 5 to mind: “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” I love that your light shines so bright for the LORD, and your Love and compassion touches many lives when we read your posts. God bless you 💖

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    1. PTL! I think on John 1:5 too, Piera! It was the most wonderful thing He did when He allowed me to see not to be afraid of the dark (whether regarding light or our souls) because HE IS DARKNESS and HE IS THE LIGHT! A Light that shines even in the darkness that we cannot see in! He’s still there. How selfish I would be not to share such wonderful Light and Love! 🙂 God loves you, Piera!


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