Unplugging Your Pen

I can’t do it, LORD.
I just can’t stop writing.
It’s like plugging my ears to You.
You are far too exciting!
You share Your secrets
And bless me with insight.
You help me bless others
And shine Your light.
Your words pour down
Like rain on my soul,
Sometimes rushing
Like waves that roll.
How dare I miss
One single Word.
How dare I not share
What I have heard.
Your words give life.
They’re what I breathe.
Without their presence,
My soul doth seethe.
Though doubts can challenge
My obedience to You,
I must write
And share more of You!

written by Gail Brookshire

20 thoughts on “Unplugging Your Pen

  1. RenewBlog

    I totally second that Gail, there’s nothing I love more but to curl up at the feet of Jesus and emerge myself into His word, pen and journal in hand it’s my life’s purpose!

    Lots of love Rachael xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PTL! I am grateful that His love was forever, no matter the struggle! Because He followed through, we are able to follow Him! Thank you for the spoken blessings! God loves you, Rashell! ❤


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