WTCR (The Competitor Rocks)


**The following is a short story I wrote for a Creative Writing class while taking summer classes in college. It was just for fun, and although I had no idea the class and professor would love it so much and publish it, I share it now with you and hope it brings you a laugh as well.**

WTCR (The Competitor Rocks)

“Ida! Ida! IIIIIIIdaaa!” Laura was screaming across the field, covered with a crowd of faithful listeners of the Competitor. Oh, forgive me, the unchallenged competitor, as the sweeper reads.

“What?!” cried Ida in search of the voice paging her name. “Who’s calling me?”

Laura Jamerson, a small girl, with shoulder length dark hair, waving both hands in the air, back and forth, cried, “Me, Woman! It’s Laura right here in front of you.”

Ida Ford, a perky young woman, with long curly dark brown hair, stood looking right at…

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