Breathers: 8.16.18, Night 3 of 3

My dear Lord, thank You for answered prayer! Every moment of this day had so many things challenging the possibility of my making it to this ladies bible study that I felt like I was holding my breath all day to see if I was going to make it. It was the last night of the Breathers Ladies Bible Study… a Gathering on the Back Porch.7f7b00ed-c72f-4cd8-9e03-4a9e0596d079

By Your glorious grace I made it through the spinal block from earlier in the day, still able to drive. It was a very challenging afternoon of pain afterwards, but it wasn’t because of the shots. It was from standing, walking, and even having to sit so much in a particular position for a few hours as we waited for Anthoni to get off work. I caught what sleep I could as Sandra drove us home or else I knew I would not be able to stay awake for driving to the study. I made sure to hold off on taking any pain medicine until after the bible study.

Praise Your Holy name… I made it! You allowed me to arrive with just enough time to take a moment in the car… to breathe! 🙂 I go in and see a bunch of tables set up. Lynn shares her friendly smile and tells me to pick any seat. I find a seat and see the cutest little bag in front of me. It’s a Strawberry Lemonade mix! My stepdad will love it.

I see the label reads… Stir, Shake, Chill. IMG_20180820_012052This makes me think of Keitha and her fun personality, and simply loving to laugh.
I could just see her having us do some kind of playful cheer or something.
“Stir… Shake… Chill! Stir… Shake… Chill!
🙂 Again ladies! Come on girlfriends!” 🙂

The room begins to come alive with fellowship as the tables begin to fill, and everyone sounds so excited. It’s so delightful to hear. I’m in a room full of ladies with most of them being strangers, yet they are pouring out love to one another. My table begins to fill up and I see a familiar face from a previous study…. Lisa! Yay! A Lisa hug! ❤ Then Keitha lets us know there is ice cream and brownies! I skip any because I know my back will not tolerate me standing too much.
Then we went into the sanctuary where we did some singing under Brittany’s leadership… and to listen to the guest speaker.

Kathy was our guest speaker.
I loved her Porch Rules! 🙂39261792_10216696829962669_5575943546889830400_n

  1. I love a porch swing! My grandmother use to have a red one that we swung in all the time. It was the most peaceful feeling! That ever so gentle breeze playing so tenderly with your hair… bringing a kindness that only You can give in the little bit of wind swinging creates… and takes the mind to another world of pleasantness when You add a little of Your own wind. I miss it! I miss my grandmother! ❤
  2. A porch swing is just as healing when it sits still. Many times, hurts and life are too much for a soul to swing. You are wise to tell us to take time to be still. We need it… just like we need You! It only makes sense we need time alone with You.
  3. What better way to spend time with You than in Your word? What better way to listen to You when we have prayed… and to know You personally? I love that You left us a personal love letter! ❤
  4. What does one have the perfect opportunity to do when in a swing… when one is still… when one has access to Your word? To Reflect. You have been having me do this quite a bit as I have been following You on a personal journey You have for me.
  5. How can I not praise You with all that You remind me You have brought me through? You are worthy of praise just for who You are! Your Holy name deserves glory, honor, praise, and to be spoken among every one on earth! Praise You!
  6. How we need to pray every hour of the day, every second we can. I am so grateful that You want us to come to You. What a loving God You are to us! ❤
  7. Hallelujah! What a Savior! Of course I think of this song, but when I saw this on the sign You had me thinking how this would be a cool name for a little girl. And since I know a friend with a little girl named Jubilee, I thought that would make a great middle name. Hallelujah Jubilee! What an incredible name! If she needed time to grow into her own faith, she could go by Halle like Halle Berry! 😉

Thank You for letting me make it to this study, Lord! And for helping me to stay awake and focused! Even after having the spinal block earlier that day! Standing was very hard to do, but was worth every second! YOU are worth every second!
Thank You for the Keitha hug! ❤ And the Kristy hug! ❤ And the Lisa hug! ❤

Oh and thank You for the delightful surprise to take home with us… the reminder of a new study starting in September! I’ve already been blessed to Discover an Unlikely Joy in You 😉 yet You just continue to offer me more in this study on Job by Lisa Harper.  Keitha will be leading the one You would likely make possible for me. I hope to see You there! ❤IMG_20180820_012247

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