7.21.18 Update: Kimberly’s PCT Hike

An update for everyone helping me to pray for my Cousin Kimberly while she hikes the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) from Mexico to Canada:

Kimberly needs prayer!
She has a stress fracture in her left foot
and a sprained ankle on her right foot.

Below are her updates:

July 16, 2018
Trail Update: I made it to South Lake Tahoe on Friday and kinda zeroed in town (still hiked 12.4 miles that morning). I was going to get back on Trail Saturday morning but my foot wasn’t having it. So… I’m not on trail 😳 I’m in Florida resting my bones/feet. I decided it was best to completely get off trail for a few days, go to the Dr and hopefully get answers about what’s happening to my poor feet. My hike was starting to become a painful hassle and chore instead of a beautiful, fun adventure. I’m hoping that with some real rest, time away from Trail towns (can’t really rest there) and a Dr visit that I’ll be good as new soon and back at it asap. Thank you to everyone who’s been keeping me in your prayers and sending good vibes with this foot jazz. It is much appreciated and still needed. I’m already trail sick and miss it so much I can’t stand it but I have to get feeling better if I’m finishing this year. I’ll keep you guys updated when I learn more. Thanks again for following along and all the support!!
❤️, Legs

July 18, 2018
Feet update: Went to the Dr yesterday to get answers… didn’t like either one I got. I have a stress fracture in my left foot and a sprained right ankle 😩😩 I’m resting for now. Figuring out life tomorrow. Missing the trail and my trail family like crazy!!

Kimberly has achieved so much!
On July 8th she made her 1000 mile marker!
That means she has walked 1,000 miles of her 2,650 miles.36847443_10155367801496035_469098097595645952_nHere are a few of her recent trail pictures as she has been hiking through the Sierra Mountains. I want to focus more on Kimberly needing prayer as she takes some time off the trail for much needed healing for her feet.

And to try to make things easier on updating, and hopefully take pressure off any dates to keep up with I have changed the title of the blog and updates to correlate with what day they are being updated. That way everyone does not feel like they are missing out. I know you are with me on wanting Kimberly to be able to take all the time she needs to heal so that she will be strong on the trail. She has certainly earned it!!

And for fun, here is a flashback from Kimberly’s Facebook memories that celebrated Kimberly being recognized for being the first woman to YO-YO the MST (Mountain to Sea Trail) here in North Carolina! That meant she hiked from the Tennessee/North Carolina border to the east coast and back!!37199439_643000372732530_3898600655631155200_n

Lastly, I leave you and Kimberly both with the song God still has me thinking on her with… God Leads Us Along. Whenever I am on the Parkway and I see sunsets, sunrises, a glaring sun, the beautiful river, or different things He allows me to see on my walk (which He used Kimberly to inspire me to do) that she may have even shared a similar picture of, He allows me to lovingly see Him walking His dear child along her trail, whether through the desert, the Sierra Mountains, or anywhere she journeys!

God loves you, Kimberly! ❤ And so do I! ❤
And We love each one of you! ❤
Thank you for helping me praying for her.29511773_2055391427809044_3113805081282536436_n

Oh.. and Kimberly left a personal message in my Facebook Inbox to share with you who have been following her updates here, and leaving such loving encouragement and support in your comments to her!

Thank you for letting everyone know!! I love you and appreciate your support! ❤️❤️❤️ You and everyone who’s been praying for me and following along. I’m still able to walk, there’s just pain involved so I’m trying my best to keep off of them and get the rest my body needs. Thanks so much!

8 thoughts on “7.21.18 Update: Kimberly’s PCT Hike

  1. She has made amazing progress, and though there is much of California left before the Northwest beckons, it’s best to not make this a contest of any kind. She will return there when her feet are ready, and it will be a blessed journey.

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