4.17.18 Update: Kimberly’s PCT Hike

Hi, Y’all! Here’s an update for all of those helping me pray for my Cousin Kimberly who is hiking the PCT from Mexico to Canada! She is doing so awesome! She has plenty of the most spectacular scenery pictures, many even shot in the panoramic view. This week Kimberly passed 200 miles already, and that’s even with a couple of Zero days (days she doesn’t hike so there are no miles accounted for).

Along the way, Kimberly has met a lot of people and gained some trail family, saw snakes and lizards, hiked rocks and deserts, and has really embraced a lot more freedom with self expression (**which will be why I am not including even a link this time, as there would be language AND triggers for my dear friends in ministry, with young children, and struggling with addictions**). She is really enjoying her hiking adventure, and her smiles are huge! Thank you for helping me to pray for her! I hope you will help me to keep her in prayer! She still still has quite a way to go. Hopefully that will give all of this winter weather a chance to clear our before she gets up north.

Thank you for being patient with me on sharing her update from this week. I’m still having issues struggling with sleep, even under the wheel or at red lights, even if I do get good sleep. My body just wants to shut down. My neurologist is having me see a couple of my specialists, including my sleep doctor. She wants to see if it is part of my sleep apnea or something else. Otherwise, we are working on trying different things, including changing meds around, adding one to keep me awake during the day if need be, and today I started back with my regular physical therapy team. I have not seen them since November when I was sent off to lymphedema/lipedema therapy.

God bless you each one who prays!
❤ God loves you! ❤

10 thoughts on “4.17.18 Update: Kimberly’s PCT Hike

  1. Woohoo – Kimberley is doing fantastically, and I’m wishing her all the very best for the rest of the trekking!
    I’m glad you’re back with your physical therapy as I hope that the more specialists you see the better, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that further investigation can help with the sleep side of things. I’m sorry you’re doing it tough at the moment; as someone who’s dealt/dealing with insomnia and exhaustion, I can empathise. It’s not fun, at all. I really hope they can help figure out what’s going on. Please take care of yourself and rest up whenever you can  ♥
    Caz x

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    1. Yes, Praise God! She absolutely is!
      I am glad to be back in PT too, and hoping along with my doctors that it will help. There was a time I could not sleep for years, but after my first spinal block I went straight home and went to sleep. Maybe there is something with the spine again?? We’ve not updated imaging on the cyst on my thoracic area in well over a year. And I do still struggle with standing after 15-20 min .
      I think of you often when I have appointments, therapies, different things. I think of your blog and your journey… your personality! And I say a prayer for you. And I thank God for your friendship and encouragement.
      Me and God love you, Caz!

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      1. That spinal block sounds pretty good if it helped you nod off to sleep after the first one. I think the spine can have quite wide-reaching effects partly because so many nerves run from/to it and so many receptors and muscles are affected as a result. Perhaps it’s worth getting a new scan for the cyst?
        That’s incredibly lovely of you to say, Gail – you are quite to inspiration and I appreciate your kindness, compassion and friendship too. Please take good care of yourself lovely xx

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