Week 1 on the PCT

Cousin Kimberly’s 1st Update since she set out on her new hiking adventure on the PCT Trail! She mentions heat, trail friends, learning to cheers in Germany, having her birthday, ddealing with blisters and more.
**This is a reminder that as you read her blog, that there will be some language you may find offensive.**
Having said that, I will be blogging a post of my own right behind this one regarding that, and to let you know why I will be posting future updates on her hike a bit differently. You can read that here. If you want to read Kimberly’s blog updates, you need to Follow her page or sign up for e-mails. Either way, I hope you will continue to help me to keep in our thoughts and prayers, just as much as our heavenly Father does! ❤


Holy heat!

Ya’ll, it’s warm out here in a way that’s hard to describe. The highs have only been in the mid to low 60’s here but let me tell you, it’s hot. I never thought I’d miss the NC humidity but I really do. When I hike, I sweat a ton. Sexy, I know. Over here though, compared to home, it’s not a dripping sweat where I can see the results creating small beads and rolling off my skin. Over here, my back gets sweaty from being up against my pack and the backs of my knees have a little sticky, salt trails but they dry as soon as I break in the shade or take of my pack for three minutes. I have to tell myself to drink more water because I’m not peeing as much as I should even though I’m drinking a ton of water. It’s…

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