Tomorrow is Day One

For those of you who help me to pray for my Cousin Kimberly, she is starting her new hiking adventure on the PCT Trail tomorrow!
**There will be language that may make you uncomfortable.**
I use to be there… trust me… I really was at one time.
Prayers and prayer warriors are something EVERYONE needs!


I’ve already made my plan for the big day. Wake up around 5am, finishing putting my things into my pack, leave the gorgeous hotel I’m staying at by 5:15- 5:30 and head to Campo. I’ll stop somewhere for a hot breakfast and possibly a Diet Dr Pepper or Diet Coke (so long Sundrops) and remember how good it tastes. I’ll travel with Dad and his girlfriend, Susan who are here to drop me off at the Southern Terminus off of Forest Gate Rd. This is where I’ll be able to touch the fence that borders Mexico and California. A few feet away I’ll take a picture on top of the Terminus and give hugs goodbye and then head North for five to six months. I’m so fucking excited!!

Leading up to Day One has been quite the whirlwind. I had two jobs I was working at with only 4 to…

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