How to Handle Sexual Desires As a Single Christian Woman

I am so grateful for the encouragement of friend and fellow Christian single who is also set aside for Christ! May Christina’s words encourage you just as much! Christ is worth the wait! ❤

Justified And Redeemed

I went to Christian schools for most of my life of schooling, but halfway through my sophomore year to senior year, those years were spent at public school, but thankfully, I am back at a Christian University, but I do have some negatives to talk about when I was in middle and part of high school from Christian school.

We had this thing called “purity week,” one week out of each February, but it didn’t explain how to handle your sexual desires. They just kept making sex look evil at all times and that God despised it. They were somewhat wrong in their approach to young teens, and I wish they would have gone about the topic differently.

Yes, sex outside of marriage is bad, but sex between married couples is not bad. I believe that Christians, especially Christian high schools, have the tendency to make sex “look completely evil,”…

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