Breathing With Friends, Week 5 Our Last Night

Whew, Lord! This was the closest call yet! I arrived with just enough time for Catching My Breath before getting out of the car! I so needed that moment to Breathe! Even one breath can make all the difference in the world! Tonight was Breathing With Friends, Week 5 Our Last Night, so I really did not want to miss out! Thank you for helping me make it with a few minutes to spare!

I always cherish the fellowship time, and those few minutes gave me enough time to realize even more changes in the environment. (In case I did not note before, this church began some renovations while we were doing this Breathe Ladies Bible Study and it keeps progressing!) I get signed in and found a seat. I see Keitha is involved in conversation, so I have to wait for my Keitha hug (But I did get it! 🙂 ) Yay! for just as I am getting my seat Sarah comes in and sits right across from me. We catch up a bit. Her baby nephew is still in the NICU, but is showing some improvement! Praise God! We get snacks while Keitha greets us, does door prizes, and hands out a paper of an upcoming event.

Helping friends and good food! ❤
Lord willing! 🙂

Then we got into homework discussions.
Yes, I did mine! 🙂
bbs5.2I can’t tell you how needed it was, but admittedly very challenging. The moment we got into looking back to Recall what we used to be in bondage to, to remember what God led us out of whatever our own personal Egypt/slavery was, it became a personal challenge for sure. Sometimes God has us to put our past behind us, but sometimes He asks us… tells us… to recall what He has brought us through already. When it feels so fresh (like it did this time), it can be very troubling. But that is exactly why God has us recall…
to remember we’re not there any more!bbs5.3The enemy wants to convince us that some things will never change, that WE will never change, especially when everything SEEMS to say the same thing. But God reminds that Satan is just another Pharaoh that does not want to let God’s people go. If He can bind us up with false guilt, he will. But God is there to remind us that He has cast that old Pharaoh and his army into the sea of lies, and that we are FREE from those days/habits/burdens/Pharaohs/slavery mentality. Yes we are still stuck in a fleshly body and caught in a spiritual warfare, but we are NOT the ignorant slaves we once were.
We are His! Bought and paid for! Free!

We then take our chairs with us (because the pews have been removed for the new carpet), and watch our final Priscilla video, Breathe, Week 5, Discussion Groups. We have our discussions and testimonies, and even get a couple of group pics.

Keitha taking a picture!bbs5.4

Keitha in the picture! 🙂
Kristy taking the picture!bbs5.5

I’m so going to miss these ladies! This bible study! And most certainly Keitha and Sarah! At least just until the next study! Lord willing! 😉 I was blessed to get my Keitha hug! My Sarah hug! And several hugs! But I missed out on getting another hug from Stephanie! 😦 She has so far to travel, is in school, and it’s been VERY snowy! But I trust the Lord to provide that hug sometime in the future! 🙂

So many of you have been reading, sharing, and tagging this series, so here is a recap outlining each one. They were from a ladies bible study with friends who were using Priscilla Shirer’s Breathe: Making Room for Sabbath. Please know that I have NOT forgotten the 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge, nor the 14% Challenge, and WILL blog on them. I hope to even do an afterthought for each week of the study we had, focusing more on the material, and what God gave me along this journey. I will add them below as I add each post.

Catching My Breath
Breathing With Friends, Week 1 The Freedom of the Sabbath
Breathing With Friends, Week 2 Stops Along the Sabbath Journey
Breathing With Friends, Week 3 Double-Portion Friday
Breathing With Friends, Week 4 Coming Into Focus
Breathing With Friends, Week 5 Our Last Night

Thank you for such love and support. May God help you each one to stop, pause, rest, and catch your breath as you take time to breathe with Him! ❤

❤ God loves you! ❤

How to Handle Sexual Desires As a Single Christian Woman

I am so grateful for the encouragement of friend and fellow Christian single who is also set aside for Christ! May Christina’s words encourage you just as much! Christ is worth the wait! ❤

Justified And Redeemed

I went to Christian schools for most of my life of schooling, but halfway through my sophomore year to senior year, those years were spent at public school, but thankfully, I am back at a Christian University, but I do have some negatives to talk about when I was in middle and part of high school from Christian school.

We had this thing called “purity week,” one week out of each February, but it didn’t explain how to handle your sexual desires. They just kept making sex look evil at all times and that God despised it. They were somewhat wrong in their approach to young teens, and I wish they would have gone about the topic differently.

Yes, sex outside of marriage is bad, but sex between married couples is not bad. I believe that Christians, especially Christian high schools, have the tendency to make sex “look completely evil,”…

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Life after cancer

An update for all of you who help me pray for my friend Crystal! May God bless each who continues to help me pray for her! ❤

This picture was taken shortly after I returned to work. At this point, my life felt amazing. I had a coworker take this photo because I couldn’t believe I finally had my own desk. Who gets excited over that? Someone who just beat cancer, I guess. Everything was amazing during those first few weeks of my new “normal” but eventually that feeling wore off and I realized there’s a lot more to this new life of mine. Since May 2017, I couldn’t wait to get to this point, yet here I am feeling so lost and confused.

Life after cancer is so much harder than I ever imagined it to be.

Everything about cancer is awful from before the diagnosis, throughout treatment, and apparently even after it’s all over. Life after cancer was supposed to be amazing. I had a new appreciation for everything and a boost of confidence that would…

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Sunshine Blogger Award 3.15.18

Basking within a sun filled vision that warms my heart with a love that I have never known quite so strongly, I feel Your presence, and sense just how abundant Your gifts are! That is how You touch my heart with this Sunshine Blogger Award nomination through Your incredibly passionate BibleBloggerGirl! Such a bright spirit, sharing so much of You!img_0972-e1516061975934Thank you, sweet Bible Blogger Girl, for thinking of me with the nomination of the Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s so nice to come visiting your page Teen, Meet God and read your love for God all over the page. That’s how I came across this nomination. I came to congratulate you, and found your act of thoughtfulness! An act of kindness that will allow me to share with others! Thank you! Keeping you in prayer as often as God allows! Me and God love you! ❤


Sunshine Blogger Award Rules:
-Thank the blogger who nominated you.
-Answer the 11 questions asked.
-Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
-List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

Questions From Bible Blogger Girl For Me:

What do you love about where you live? The mountains ❤

Who is your best friend? My Savior! ❤

What is your testimony? Jesus saved me from a world of filth! ❤

Why did you start a blog? at first to talk privately with God

What is your daily routine? Keep following God

Are you an animal person? Nope! I’m pure human! 😉 Jk. No pets.

What is your favorite color? lavendar

Who is your favorite band/artist? Red Letters

Who has been a big blessing in your life? my son ❤

Can you play an instrument? Not really
If not, what would you like to learn? piano

Tell of an experience in which God spoke to you and taught you something.
When my son was 6 months old, he continuously put his hands in ash trays and  try to touch hot stoves. I began to spank his little hands in fear of his getting hurt. It was hard to do, especially since my family would tell me I was so cruel to him… that he was too young to understand. I kept trusting God so that I could keep him from getting burned. To my surprise he started crying and coming directly to me when I would do this, wanting a hug. And then he would say, “No…” referring to what he had just had his hands into. God has to do the same for us. 

My Nominees:
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11 Questions for the Nominees:
1. Do you know God loves you?
2. What was your last post about?
3. tea or water?
4. Soup or chili?
5. Where in the world do you live?
6. Do you have a favorite song?
7. DO you have a favorite movie?
8. What is your favorite flower?
9. DO you have a nickname?
10. How old were you when you met God?
11. Do you have a pooch?

Congrats to the Nominees! Enjoy your award! If you post, let me know!

Have a blessed day in the Lord! ❤ God loves you!

The Versatile Blogger Award 3.5.18

Praise, You, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! You have thought of me yet again by whispering into the ear of my dear Malaysian-Chinese sister who was born and raised in Australia! Abbey is such a sweet heart, and a very talented and passionate poet! From one poet to another, I am so blessed to call her friend… as well as to drop by her blog An Anonymous Escape From Life and read her writings! I love her picture on her About page with the smilie face! It’s so cute! And so her!
Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with her friendship!versatile-blogger-awardThank you, dearest Abbey, for thinking of me, and allowing God to pour His love out on me through nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award! I am so glad we are family in Christ! Keep up the beautiful poetry! I’ll be sure to drop by and send a little of God’s love your way! 🙂
Congrats on your own Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks for allowing me to share a little more of God’s love with others! ❤



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My Nominees:
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7 Facts About Myself:
1. I love sharing God’s love with others! ❤
2. I love God’s hymns! ❤
3. God is so important to me! ❤
4. I love how God can be so personal! ❤
5. I met Jesus when I was 8 years old! ❤
6. God gave me my own little pair of arms once! ❤
7. I love sharing God’s word!
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
– John 3:16 KJV

Congratulations to the nominees on your Versatile Blogger Award. Please do not feel obligated to participate, but if you do.. no rush! Do in your way, your time!
God loves you! ❤

Breathing With Friends, Week 4

Dear, Lord! Dear, Lord! Dear, Lord! I did NOT think I was going to make it this week! Besides being in tremendous pain for several days, even taking a few steps backwards a little bit in regards to difficulty walking, I have simply had a very challenging week… physically, mentally, and spiritually. Praise Your Holy name that You were encouraging me to Breathe, or I would have never made it! So now here we are for

Breathe Ladies Bible Study, Week 4... Coming Into Focus!


Tonight as I enter the church, I see that the area where we have been having snacks and discussions has no tables. There is some renovation going on, so we pass a snack table on the way into the chapel, grabbing our badges just inside the door, and find a place to sit. Yay! for on the way in I get a Keitha hug and a Missy hug! I haven’t seen Missy in awhile! Eventually, Kristy, Missy, and my new Sister in Christ (Ellen) are sitting in front of me, and Sarah beside me! We fellowship for a few minutes before saying a blessing over snacks, and go get some!

I used this moment to go to the ladies room first and realize…
I finally have my camera AND my badge at the same time!!
So I kindly allow the beautiful flowers to hold it for me while I snap! 😉
bbs4.2The caption underneath my name reads:
Making Room For Sabbath

Confession time: I didn’t get ANY of my homework read until just before class, sitting out in the car, and I still had a page to go. Just last week I was going to get my post for Breathing With Friends, Week 3 posted, and remark that I am surprised to be so actively speaking this time around because in past classes I have had a lot going on and simply needed God and HIS opinion, not mine. I was even going to say that I hope I am not annoying Keitha, Sarah, and the ladies with being so vocal. And then the week happened!

For one thing, my brother-in-law, who is in palliative care ended up back in the hospital pretty bad off. My brother, who is his caretaker, was extremely concerned and stressed out. My spine was still struggling to mend from standing so long last week. And even though one of my therapies was doing so well that I have been discharged, I still have some issues in other therapy areas. Home life had some challenges. And speaking of challenges… decluttering wasn’t going quite as well (or quick) as I had hoped. Most of the week, I struggled to stay awake! No joke! But you know what… I was STILL doing my homework and it was paying off when so desperately needed.
1. I was taking time to Breathe! Which led me to falling asleep a lot! 😉
2. I was saying No! Which allowed me to breathe! 🙂
3. I was saying Enough Is Enough! Which allowed healthy choices! ❤

Now the Lord has us… Coming Into Focus, So we watch Priscilla’s video.
bbs4.5We were given the week’s assignment to
1. recall what God has accomplished on your behalf.
2. Told that a Rhema word is:
when the Holy Spirit uses a General message and applies it Specifically to your life.
**Hello! When has God NOT been using a general message to apply it specifically to my life! If we pay attention, God WILL speak! His Holy Spirit is whispering clearly to us every moment! He’s so worth listening to! ❤ Keep whispering God! ❤ **
3. Take The 14% Challenge!
bbs4.6A. Take 14 Minutes Every Day this week for God! No distractions!
B. Take 14 Inches Twice a Week to make space for God!

I praise His Holy Name that He gave me my 14 Minutes today that belonged to Him!
You guessed it… a post to follow for each Day and Space given to my God! ❤
Day One was so like Him! Would you expect anything else! ❤

My personal challenge for the week will be…
Recall What God has accomplished on my behalf…
because He has spoken specifically on what…. and it’s very personal.
We all have those. 😉
Sorry to be so silent on you this week, ladies!

After discussing the video and the challenge, we circle up for prayers, updates, and praises. Oh… and there were door prizes! 😉 I love seeing people being gifted with surprises! ❤ God is so good and generous!

Breathing With Friends, Week 3

How exciting, Lord, to have some snow blowing! Yet at the same time I was praying it wouldn’t stick! I so wanted to make it to this Breathe Ladies Bible Study for Week 3, Double-Portion Friday.bbs3.1Thank You for helping me make it safely. I pray for all of the ladies unable to attend. I didn’t get any pictures. I was doing good just to get here, and I am always so thankful when I get a moment to just sit here with You as I look back over the week in my book. I have this tendency of writing my homework notes until suddenly I am engrossed and/or convicted to where I cannot answer on paper. The convictions are too personal.

As I am sitting in the car, it’s beautiful, windy, and warm in the sun. However, as soon as I open the door to get out.. Brrrrr! It’s fiercely windy and extremely cold! It was good to get inside, make a quick trip to the ladies room, grab my badge (maybe a photo next week, sorry), and sign in. I take Keitha some goodies to share (because I did my 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge) as some of her door prizes! 😉 The Lord blesses me in return with a Keitha hug! ❤

I go sit at the table with Jackie, Kristy, and Keitha. They are so funny. Then I meet a new sister in Christ, as Lisa sits down beside me. She has forgotten her book, but I tell her I will share. Then Sarah arrives! She sits across the table from me. We will be missing our dear Stephanie tonight.

We all go get snacks. Keitha goes over our answers from the week… and I FORGOT TO SHARE WITH LISA UNTIL THE LAST PAGE OR TWO! She was so merciful about it! Honestly, I was afraid for anyone to see my answers, and then my blank pages to assume I did not do the rest of my homework. And I REALLY DID NOT want to mention them out loud. But my fear of being vulnerable is causing me to accidentally forget that I promised to share my book!

It’s time to go and watch Priscilla’s video:
Week 3, Double-Portion Friday

There is a question presented to make us think on something that we have become so overwhelmed with that we can no longer enjoy, something that God has given us because it is good, yet for whatever reasons we are no longer able to find happiness it in. We may even dread it, simply because we have complicated it or neglected the blessing it was meant to be…. just like the Sabbath has become for the majority of us because we have long strayed from the simple gift of rest… to stop… to pause… to cease… and breathe!

We are given three points to take with us through the week.
1.Resist the urge to CONTINUE in the path or pattern we have created.
2. Remember what you USED TO BE when God came for us and freed us.
3. Refuse to OVERDO any more!
It’s okay to say NO! Enough is Enough!

Afterwards, we discuss the video and the points, and repeat together…


We then gather in a circle to do prayer requests, as well as get updates on some from before, and praises! Before we finish, Keitha has asked us as we starting praying to listen to a song as we do. We are to think on the words with our eyes closed.

What A Beautiful Name by Hillsong Worship

What a great way to finish up the night. The song helps me to bear standing, as I am in excruciating pain in my back. I am reminded of how much God has allowed in my healing. I may still struggle and seem to go back to square one sometimes, but I am at least able to stand for a little bit before paying for it. I am grateful that I am able to stand with the ladies and pray. Just months back, I would have had to sit while the rest prayed. I struggle to walk to the car afterwards, and it is absolutely freezing, making it worse on my spine, but I am so encouraged! Thank You, God, for helping me to be here, to take part, and to stand with the rest of the ladies as we ALL experienced together listening to this song with our eyes closed while joined hand in hand!

Praise Your Holy and Beautiful name!