Chemo is DONE. Now what?

Let’s not forget to keep praying for Crystal! She has finished her chemo and is just waiting for a PET scan (which is not even until Dec.20), and the result from that scan. God can do anything!!Don’t forget to pray for her doctors, nurses, technicians, and everyone who has been a part of her care, as well as her family! Especially her family!
God loves you, Crystal! And so do we! ❤

The days  leading up to my last chemo session were tough for me. I should’ve been thrilled that I’d be walking into my chemo room for the very last time. I should’ve been so relieved. I should’ve felt on top of the world. At least that’s what everyone kept telling me.

I actually think the last treatment was one of the hardest ones. I tried to be happy about it, but honestly who’s ever happy about going to chemo? On top of that, I know that I still have to wait for my PET scan results before I can officially say I’m done. That final scan has been on my mind a lot lately and I’ve been so nervous/stressed about it. I’ve had nightmares that the results didn’t come back clean and it’s terrifying to even think about. Today, for the very first time, I woke up with a strong feeling that…

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20 thoughts on “Chemo is DONE. Now what?

              1. bond0servant

                My brother in law, his cancer is in remission but weak . My friend next round is on the 20th and my daughter in laws mother middle of chemo and weak no hair but otherwise okay

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                    1. bond0servant

                      Thanks , as parents they would take Karin and her brother to the United church at Christmas and Easter and that was about it. So us being saved grandparents was new to her. Craig was saved as a kid but was turned off by the church after my construction fall and coma when his SS teacher was always right and the youth leader sexually abused our daughter but by the grace of God I found my way back to Him and am much closer to Him than I ever was.

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                    2. I’m asking the Holy Spirit to help me because that is a lot of pain, and a lot of hurting souls. I praise the Lord for helping you find your way back… closer than ever… where He wants us most. The Lord can do the same for each one who is away from Him… no matter what keeps them away for now! I believe. I trust.

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                    3. bond0servant

                      And that is what I did with my brother in law and it is in remission so it is a done deal amen my sis may not think that though but for me a done deal and I prayed for Crystal so to me it too is a done deal and I will trust till I see

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