The Unborn Child

Within a darkened shelter
lies a helpless soul.
To survive the growing battle,
we must take control.
So small and fragile,
this future little heart.
We must prepare
for a fair and loving start.
What do we do
for this child unborn
when at the seams
we all are torn?
Within her womb
lies the seed,
but it is her body.
Would it help to plead?
It is her decision.
We will we ever know?
And will this soul
get the chance to grow?

7-7-1989 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
I wrote this poem when I was a teenager with a best friend who had gotten pregnant to “snag” or “trap” the father (who happen to be a family member) into a relationship. When she conquered too easily and grew bored she was suddenly not pregnant any more. She had asked advice on “snagging” him  (which she ignored), and asked my advice on “taking care of her problem” (which she ignored). This upset me greatly because an innocent life was caught in the middle, and the father was hurt by it. She found satisfaction in that. For this EX-best friend, it was just another day. Sadly I have known this to happen several times when I was young.

As a matter of fact my situation was backwards in what I was seeing in the movies, at the health department, social services, and most places. At that time, pro-abortion was the subject of debate. Now while I was an also unwed teenage mom at the time, and I am pro-life this is NOT an attempt to argue, accuse, judge, or debate. It’s not even to stand up for myself. This was simply God breaking my heart for the unborn child that was supposed to be my family. All the female family and friends around me at that time had already had abortions of their own. I was constantly bullied into “keeping my opinion to myself.” My opinion was simply a loving encouragement… plea… to not use a baby as a weapon. Unfortunately, my voice did not matter.

6 thoughts on “The Unborn Child

  1. Thank you, Venexea. As heart broken as I was for everyone, especially the unborn, I can only imagine how it must have broken God’s heart. I have several little family members and dear little friends to meet in heaven. God loves you, Venexea ❤


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