Love of my Life – I am His Song – Guest post by Gail

Fellow Bloggers, LeneinJapan was so kind to invite me to guest write on her blog Song of Virginity. The Lord allowed me to share my testimony… His testimony in my life, here in this post. Lene celebrates and encourages choosing Christ first through abstinence, and she does it with a loving and nonjudgmental heart. She also has her own site… Wrestling with Faith – Dancing with Jesus. A place to find blessing and inspiration, and her own testimony.

Song of Virginity

Miss Gail from Gail loves God was kind – and courageous – enough to share a part of her story and it’s an honor for Song of Virginity to have her onboard. Read and marvel as Gail chose to trust the words of her Savior, rather than words of man… And when you’re done reading here, jump over to her blog and indulge in her poetry, singing from the depths of her heart to her Jesus.


Song of Virginity… that sounds so beautiful… in its purest and godliest form. It easily makes me wish I had a song of virginity. A song that says I have always belonged to the Lord and the Lord only. That nothing has ever come between me and my Lord.
Unfortunately, I was without a song of virginity from the age of 3. I was 12 before I heard the word, and in…

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