Oh Cloud Riding By

Oh, Cloud riding by, floating at such ease,
Have you seen things to please and displease?
Have you seen many sorrows? Were you the guilty cloud?
Were you the one who arrived so violent and loud?
Were you the one who destroyed so many souls?
Were you the one that just had no control?
Or were you the one that rushed the other one or two?
Bringing peace and calm as you came to the rescue?
Were you the one to save the day and many souls as well?
What would be your many secrets that you could tell?
Would we want to know or are we better off now
Not knowing those horrible things anyhow?
Oh, Cloud that’s passing by without a troubled way,
Please tell the dangerous clouds to please stay away!

5-26-11 Written by Gail Brookshire
(by the grace of God)
This poem was written during Tornado Out break season of 2011. In April alone there were over 300 tornadoes, of which 62 hit our state in one weekend. These same storms killed several people before heading our way. My son and I were very active in our local church, his bible college, and different ministries, which included nursing homes. There were times we had to seek emergency shelter, yet also times we had to keep singing to help distract residents because it’s impossible to “get everyone’s head down” when they can’t even get out of bed or walk. One service had 4 tornadoes reeking havoc outside while the Pastor kept preaching on John 14… Let not your heart be troubled.

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