Buzzy Boy Bible Study (Revised and reblogged)- written by Gail Brookshire

Thank you for waiting so patiently as I poured back over the Bible study, praying all along the way. Thank you to those who took part in the initial prints and providing feedback. This has been an issue that the Lord has long laid on my heart as a very sensitive but important subject. May you be encouraged to grow in your talk as you grow in your walk with Christ! He loves you!


Buzzy Boy Bible Study,
Introduction, Page 1
written by Gail Brookshire
The following pages are meant to be a study of how we are to be careful with our tongue… even the every day innocent words can be misused or simply misunderstood.
It does not always take foul language or perverse conversation to offend, mislead, or most importantly ruin a testimony.
Please be reminded as you read Conversation 1 that it is NOT what it sounds like.
Please try to finish to better understand Conversation 2.
The example is meant to read as overheard without the knowledge of the information.
If you become too offended, skip to Conversation 2.
Hopefully this will remind us of Proverbs 18:21,
“Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”
he song warns us,
“Oh be careful little tongue…

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