Please Pray for Texas Family and Friends In Catastrophic Flooding

Friends around the world please pray for family friends who are experiencing catastrophic flooding In Texas. The Hurricane and the rains with it are far from through. Houston area has already received over 30 inches, and with the storm stalled out and expected to last for several days there is the possibility of the area receiving 50 inches total. Please pray!Catastrophic Flooding in Texas See pictures and weather updates here.

6 thoughts on “Please Pray for Texas Family and Friends In Catastrophic Flooding

  1. I have been glued to the weather channel since the hurricane started and my prayers haven’t stopped. I’m lucky that my family lives in Dallas and they’re fine, but it does make me reflect and be grateful that I’m alright. I pray they will find safety and peace once they return to their homes. Bless you for your beautiful article. 🙏

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    1. Praise the Lord that your family is ok… and you too. It is definitely something to make you think… of how grateful we should be… and how we can help in ANY way… whether there locally, sending money from afar, or using the invaluable gift of prayer. God loves you, disletti! ❤

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      1. I definitely agree that besides prayers that we should try to help. I did that today and it helped me feel connected to those people. The interviews on the weather channel showed how wonderful and kind people are being to their fellow man/woman. God loves you! I’m so grateful to him that I’ve met you. You make my day better when my depression takes a firm grip on me. Thank you 😊❤️

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        1. How sweet the name of JESUS is… and THAT is who YOU allow to be seen in me when you say such kind words. Friendships in Christ are priceless. I am glad for yours. ❤
          We'll both keep praying and do whatever the Lord allows to help.

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