Advice for dealing with cancer patients

Thanks for the insight, Crystal. May you always know the Lord is with you! May you feel His Presence and His embrace. May you know that you are thought of and prayed for. God loves you!

It’s awkward, isn’t it? You find out someone you care about just got diagnosed with cancer. It’s terrifying and you want to be there for them but you don’t know what to do, say, or even how to act.

As a cancer patient myself, I know we aren’t exactly the easiest people to deal with. We forget things easily, we get stressed out, anxiety is at an all time high, and we are frightened. Cancer is traumatic. While we are literally fighting for our lives, we are simultaneously trying to maintain friendships and relationships with family, have a little bit of a life when possible, and trying to keep a sliver of normalcy in our far-from-normal worlds. As you can probably imagine, it’s a lot to handle and there’s no guidebook on how to deal with the emotional side of cancer. I’ve said things I didn’t mean and I’ve been…

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