Self Care Challenge Day 16: Comfort Box

Lord, I make a comfort box tonight. You are the 1st thing in. Life without you is absolutely miserable. Then your word… whether I’m reading it, or just laying my weary head on it as I talk to you… or laying with the pages open to feel like I’m laying in your arms, as my tears fall on your pages… your word is the most physical thing of you to me.

Currently I would add my devotional book, but normally I use the reading plan you allowed me to learn from Skip Heitig’s Book, How to Read the Bible and Enjoy It.

Puzzle books. One variety and another with either all Sudokus or all Word Games.

A journal for noting thoughts and whispers from you, and a composition book for writing poetry. I guess I should throw in the pens to write with too… lol.

My coloring journal you gave me, along with the color pencils and highlighters.

My Ellipsis Android Tablet to listen to Good, Good Father and more of your music. I guess I should put the charger and cord in too… lol.

A nice perfume or cologne… I love Charlie and Obsession. If it’s Charlie, I love to put some on my wrists (back and front), and arms. If Obsession, I love to put it on the shoulder and arms, near the wrists too, but all on a long sleeved shirt to curl up with.

Well, I guess I have my comfort box. As long as you are in it, that is all the comfort I need. If I am forgetting something, or you would like me to include something, just whisper. I want all that you have for me and want for me.


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