Self Care Challenge Day 5: Lunch

Well lunch did not happen but sleep finally did… causing me to miss a very important appointment. Still getting used to the change in my medicines without it interfering doing life. Everything feels so off, but I feel so rested. Maybe that’s the off… lol. Oh and as I am writing this, I realized I skipped a day of journaling/blogging, so actually this is lunch day 2. That means day 1 was actually just a small bag of Cheetos after church, unless I can count the hot dog about 6pm or so while at a church event to Baptist 32 people in the creek running along the side of the new church property that this church will be moving onto soon, Lord willing. It was an amazing day!
Lord willing, I will get better on sleep, lunch, and all that needs improvement. God can help me do anything, including accepting whatever He gives. I know He wants me to be a good steward with all that He gives… our bodies, our monies, our times, our spiritual gifts, and everything else. I know that He wants me to do my part. And I know He wants me to trust Him. So we will just have to wait and see what the new day brings.

2 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge Day 5: Lunch

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