Self Care Challenge Day 4: Fun

I’m not sure where I am note wise on this challenge, but I am trying to catch up. Sleep escapes me at night. I tend to get it late morning or by falling asleep everywhere throughout the day. Maybe if I get my meds back on schedule things will improve, but I have to go by whatever the Lord sends me, and whether He wants me to watch from the sidelines, or to get in the game… of life.

My walk was a local park, not the bridge I like to walk. It was quite early and my body was dragging, but I wanted to get it in before my dietician coach called. I failed to get a picture, but was met in the parking lot by a squirrel. As I got out, he got in front of the car. I think someone is used to people feeding him. Sorry. I had nothing to give. Birds were chirping, singing their morning songs. One landed near as I walked by.

Half way around the field my chest is tight, but that happens. The top of my right leg hurts and I’m tempted to cut through the double soccer fields, but I focus on breathing and how far I’ve come. I keep hurting, but keep going. I ponder to pause, but fear it will be harder. Just keep the pace I’ve been careful with. Praise the Lord I finish. After a break and a chat with Stacy, I want to go again. I got 20 steps before my leg says… Nope! Not having it! Do you want to walk today? Yes, please. Then kindly return to the vehicle!

Writing is my fun, poetry my first love. SO to keep this simple and catch up, my journal will be my fun. Besides I wrote 2 new poems… Persuasive Reflections and Empty Pleas.

4 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge Day 4: Fun

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