Self Care Challenge Day 3: Outdoors

As usual, I stayed up pretty late last night. Not so sure it had any thing to do with being productive. I’ve been up several nights just crying or being depressed in the last week so. The whys don’t really matter. I have been trying to use music, reading, and other distractions, but they do not help. I am praying, and trusting things will work themselves out or that I will at least deal with whatever my days are in a better way. I do take a lot of medicines, and have just changed from one med I was on for over 10 years, and then tapered onto the new one.
I was blessed to be able to sleep in again a little. But tonight life will get regular again. Even now as I type, I know I need a shower, will take my son to work by 4am, prepare for an appointment at 7am that will ask me first thing if I kept my goal of having breakfast every day, then off to another one and another, as well as picking my son up, paying bills, and errands that I hope I remember and complete. Lord willing, I will get the walk in there somewhere and note tomorrow.  I usually have PT on this day but have had a break for a bit. God will let me know when the day is done.

3 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge Day 3: Outdoors

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