Self Care Challenge Day 2: Sleep

I know I stay up so late because it is the best time I think, am able to get things done, and the only time to myself to do anything. I try to make sure to take my meds near bed time since they are sleep inducing, but having to take so many they tend to keep me up having to way for the time to take the next. By the time I narrow down a schedule, I have become immune to them being as effective in inducing sleep. Trying to getting anything done on a schedule is hard to as my life doesn’t seem to understand what a schedule is.

I also like to use music, or reading the bible, but I actually try to turn everything off and use silence. Distractions of any kind keep my mind going. I find if I turn off the world, and think on something like bible verses, hymns, or simply praying I fall asleep in the middle of whatever I was trying to remember. Last night I was up quite late, but had an unusual opportunity to get some much needed sleep in through the late morning to afternoon. My body even cooperated, which can be a challenge. I awakened refreshed, like I actually slept. It was a nice change. How ironic that I should come across this challenge at such a time. I am definitely curious to see if it can benefit.

4 thoughts on “Self Care Challenge Day 2: Sleep

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