30 Posts Challenge: #1 Introducing Myself


Hi, my name is Gail. You should know that if you’re reading this, but it goes with the purpose of this blog post. I have accepted a 30 posts Challenge from a friend to share different aspects about myself. So as I embark on that challenge on a blog page I already have, I open the access to the page (during the challenge), and to me… and the most important thing you should ever know about me… gaillovesgod!
Being open is actually pretty nerve wracking to me, as I am a private person. I always make sure to tell everyone it is not about me. It’s all about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Yes I am very sociable at times, but there are several people who are frustrated to this day because they have yet to hear a word from me despite hours of class, church, or spending hours together in the same proximity. There are also those who would laugh at that and add, “If only I could get her to shut up!” Praise the Lord for those of you who may know one side or both (or the many sides of my personality) and love me all the more for being exactly who I am…. in love with Christ!
Today I turn 48. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! More like THANK YOU, GOD, FOR GIVING ME 48 YEARS OF LIFE!! What a testimony to Him. If only you knew what He has brought me through, saved me from, how He has helped me to grow, the blessed souls He has brought into my life, and the glorious salvation that HE has wrought in me. But that is what the blogging is for…. huh? A testimony. That is what I have been trying to get done for quite awhile, but it is a love story that God wrote so it will be an adventure I assure you.
SO if you are actually willing to come along with me… even on all the bumpy rides, horror houses, haunted houses (and yes they are different), then I am willing to give you the access to take this journey with me on the 30 posts challenge. We will discover the most beautiful friendship! We will share such a wonderful Savior, and what He has done for a little girl He loved so much! He still does! And God loves you!


7 thoughts on “30 Posts Challenge: #1 Introducing Myself

    1. Fatima, I am sorry I’m just now seeing this. All I can say is that it took me awhile to learn WordPress. Thank you for letting God use you to encourage me! I pray you are doing well! Me and God love you!


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    1. It was such a blessing for me! I am grateful the Lord used Fatima (Splendor in Embers) to challenge me! It changed everything about my blogging, including opening myself to the world. (My settings used to be private for me and God only.) ❤
      I pray for you on your journey!


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