Note for the Day 1

It’s never too late to keep on trying. Many days have come and gone since my last post, but as I have given my life to Christ years ago… every day and every thing, including every post, or pause from thereof… is yours, dear Lord. So when days pass, I leave that to you. And when you give another opportunity, I just want to praise you! I love you! Praise your holy name! While I am able, I will address that very struggle. Just to get here to post, Lord, is so challenging. It takes so much just to hold this computer. The table doesn’t come before me in a supportive way. When it is in my lap or something, it’s a balancing act. To sit, recline, or relax in bed challenges each muscle and causes a problem one way or another. It’s very distressing and very depressing. It makes me want to give up. With your help, I keep trying whenever you allow.
Lord willing, I will keeping working on the Proverbs project, or whatever you ask of me. I only ask for the strength and whatever else I need to do it and to glorify you in all ways possible. I love you, Lord. Always and forever.

5 thoughts on “Note for the Day 1

  1. I see this was an older post……..but actually what you were asking GOD for in it was: PERSEVERANCE! Yes, as Christians we are to keep trying! Try with all your might my friend and NEVER give up! That is what the enemy wants us to do: JAMES 1: 3 “…..because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” Blessings friend!!

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    1. Praise God for your encouraging spirit, Maxine! I can not tell you how thankful I am for you! God blessed me with you, sister! Perseverance is not something I feel like I accomplish! May the Lord be your continuing strength! Always! He loves you! ❤

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